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Physical Plant: Custodial

In addition to providing cleaning services for academic buildings, office areas, residence halls and most sorority and fraternity houses, the Custodial Department also provides event set-up & support as well as moving services

Request moving services or deskside, office recycle bin (FAMIS Request)

Request event set-up or support

Green Cleaning

  • Multi-Purpose cleaner is Green Seal certified
  • 100% water is used to clean windows and glass
  • Paper towels are FSC and EcoLogo certified
  • Floor cleaning equipment utilizes pads made from 100% recycled materials and minimize the need for harsh cleaners
  • Utilize reusable, microfiber mop heads and dusters

Landfill Waste Reduction

The custodial crew services offices twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The University has three major waste streams on campus - landfill, recycle and compost. 

Office Compost Collection 

Contact SustainingPacific for information.

Waste at Events

Event organizers can request compost and recycle bins in their FAMIS work request. They can also request Green Team at the event to monitor bins and assist attendees with sorting by emailing Sustaining Pacific.  Compostable serviceware is the default at catered events.  Typically everything at these events can go into a compost bin, but only if a bin is present.


Items removed from campus buildings are placed in temporary storage. If items are not claimed for use by a campus entity they are donated to Habitat for Humanity or other area non-profits. To have an item removed, complete the Surplus Removal Form on the Forms, Policies, and Procedures page.

To inquire about available items in storage or other surplus inquiries, contact Procurement.

Pacific Recycling Myths

MYTH: Putting items in separate bins doesn't matter because custodial staff just put them in the same place.
FACT: Custodial staff keep trash and recyclables separate. Both may be put in the same cart or carried out together but they are placed in the appropriate bin at the point of disposal. If you see otherwise, note the building and time of day and report it to Steve Greenwood, Physical Plant Director.

MYTH: Putting items in separate bins does not matter because all items are sorted at the facility. 
FACT: Some facilities do this, but not the one where the majority of Pacific's trash goes. Any recyclables in the trash will go to the landfill. At the recycling facility, if a bag looks too contaminated it will not be sorted. It is all thrown in the garbage. Bags of compostables with too much contamination are also put in the landfill.