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Pacific Seminar II

Pacific Seminar 2 is composed of different topical seminars that examine in-depth one or more issues of a good society that were introduced in Pacific Seminar 1. These discussion-oriented, writing intensive courses, taught by faculty from a great variety of disciplines, and are specifically designed for the first-year experience. The types of assignments will vary among the seminars, but all sections require class participation, an oral presentation, and informal and formal writing assignments, including a scholarly research project.  PACS 2 constitutes the second part of the University's College Level Writing Requirement, and the course's signature assignment is a scholarly research project.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develop critical thinking through writing, reading, and discussion of important social issues whale
  • Develop academic research skills
  • Develop social awareness and political engagement

Some of the PACS 2 Seminars incorporate community-based learning experiences. 

Check out Professor Amy Smith's PACS 2: Drama and Community:
Dr. Amy Smith's PACS 2 class, "Drama and Community" focuses on the Stockton community and asks how  students can interact with it.  One of the requirements of the course is to do a community service project that incorporates drama.  One semester, a group of the students prepared a play for elementary school children at Stockton's public library, the Cesar Chavez Central Library.  They chose a play that would appeal to young children.  "Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate" is a story about a little pirate with a big heart that saves her fellow pirates from the sea monster and stops the litter that the pirates had been throwing in the sea.  The students practiced, created props and made the costumes.  Sixty second-grade children showed up in the library on the day of the performance.  Their response was enthusiastic.  The kids laughed at all the jokes and the antics of the pirates.  PACS 2 students learned hands-on how to make a difference in the community beyond our gates, the impact of civic responsibility and social engagement, and the rewards of experiential learning opportunities.  Pacific students made the day for these second graders.  Here is a thank you note written by David (age7):

  PACS 002 Registration Process

PACS 2 Seminars are offered only in the  Spring semester.  To register for a PACS 2 section:

  1. Review the PACS 2 descriptions below.
  2. Make a list of your preferred PACS 2 courses. You are encouraged to pick seminars that are outside of your major or that explore new intellectual issues for them. This is a particularly good time for you to experiment with your education.
  3. During the advising period, discuss with your advisor your preferences and finalize your list.
  4. On your registration date, register for any open PACS 2 course.

If you have any questions about this registration process, please contact the Administrative Assistant for General Education at 946-2574.

Spring 2021 Pacific Seminar II Titles and Descriptions

Pacific Seminar II 2021 Course Titles and Descriptions