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S.A.C. Scholarship

The Staff Advisory Council sets aside funding annually for S.A.C. Scholarship to help promote and encourage staff development opportunities. S.A.C. constituents (as defined within the S.A.C. By-Laws) may apply for a scholarship toward training that will equip or enhance their skills directly related to the employee's current position.  These learning and development opportunities should also align with the University of the Pacific's mission and strategic plan, Pacific 2020R

August 1 - November 30* Monthly
January 7 - May 1*    Monthly
*Applications received during the month of June, July, and December will be reviewed the next monthly review period.

Click here for more S.A.C. Scholarship Information

Click here for the S.A.C. Scholarship Application 

Submit the S.A.C. Scholarship Application and supporting documents

To: with 

Subject: "SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION" in the subject line

Notification Process

  • Acknowledgment of the receipt of a completed scholarship application submitted during the application cycle will be sent to the applicant via email or by phone

 Review & Selection

  • Applications will be reviewed by the S.A.C. Scholarship Committee according to the criteria above for awarding. Notification of scholarship awarding status will be made by e-mail or by phone to each applicant.


Q: Do graduate school admissions exams (e.g. GRE, GMAT) qualify for scholarship support?
A: Admissions exams do not qualify for scholarship support as the benefit to the university is too remote.

Q: What if my professional development activity is canceled?
A: In the event that the awarded amount is not used, it is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the S.A.C. Treasurer and S.A.C. Scholarship Committee in order to reallocate available funds.

Q: If my application is denied can I apply again?
A: Yes, as long as the application funding request is for a future professional development activity.

Q: I just read about completing my introductory period. Is this before applying or before the event?
A: An applicant must have successfully completed his/her introductory before applying for a S.A.C. Scholarship.