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University Committee Staff Representation

In order to be sure that staff concerns, perspective and voice are included in University planning and decision-making, a staff representative is chosen to serve on most university committees. Each year the staff advisory council does a committee participation survey to get a pool of staff members who are interested in serving in this capacity.

The Staff Advisory Council has several subcommittees to carry out various projects and plan events.  From time to time the SAC forms ad hoc subcommittees.  Both university and SAC ad hoc committees are formed with a specific task, and disband when that task is complete. Standing committees meet with regularity and stay in place from year to year.

To participate on standing, ad-hoc or search committees and taskforces:

The Staff Advisory Council encourages staff participation on committees. Please send a message with a list of committees you would be willing to serve on to  When openings on these committees become available the SAC will contact interested staff for appointment.

The current standing committees include the following:

University Compensation Committee This Group is responsible for undertaking a comprehensive review of employee benefits, and making recommendations to the Vice-President for Business and Finance. Two staff members from the Stockton campus are selected by the President.  This committee meets as needed or about once monthly.

Institutional Priorities Committee This Committee is the primary planning and budgeting group of the University and serves as a principal advisory body to the President regarding the establishment of University priorities. Regular, periodic consultation by the IPC with faculty, administration, staff and students is essential. A staff representative is appointed by the President and serves a 3-year term. The committee meets twice monthly.

University Facilities Committee This Committee reviews the planned and current construction projects at the University (and addresses ad hoc issues related to campus and building infrastructure projects) and other facility-related issues.  This committee meets as needed or about once monthly.

Community Outreach Committee Members of this group plan and recruit University members to participate in Outreach opportunities i.e. Adopt-A-Family, food drives. This committee is year around and meets as needed.

Business Managers This group is composed of the University’s business managers for all departments. The Chair is the Assistant Vice President/Controller of Finance. The group discusses University financial and budget related information and meets once monthly.

ISPC This committee, chaired by the Vice President and Secretary to the Board of Regents, was formed to address the strategic planning issues relating to technology.  The committee’s guideline calls for the Chair or Chair designee of SAC to serve. Terms are staggered for 2 or 3 years. The committee meets twice monthly.

University Diversity Committee This committee assists in the development of pro-grams, projects, and policies to enhance diversity at the University. There are 5 subcommittees: multicultural programming, curriculum development, student recruitment & retention, campus climate, and faculty & staff recruitment and retention.  The committee meets regularly throughout the year and holds an annual diversity retreat.

Sustainability Committee The Sustainability Committee is an administrative standing committee with faculty and staff membership and charged to advise the President on the development of sustainability strategies and policies across the University.  This committee meets once monthly.

Ad-Hoc Committees:

Task Force From time-to-time, a task force may be formed to address a specific concern or issue. Examples of recent task forces are the Child Care Task Force, the Parking Task Force, and Fraud Hot-line Task Force.

Search Committees Staff members are placed on a search committee for various faculty, administrative and staff positions as deemed necessary by the search committee organizer. The committee is formed when a position becomes vacant and is disbanded once the position is filled.

SAC Sub-Committees:

Scholarship Committee 

Holiday Luncheon Members of this group plan the annual Holiday Reception for all staff. This event takes place the second Thursday in December.

Staff Policy Task Force This committee is formed when there is a need to address staff policy issues or when it is time for major revisions/updates to the Staff Policy manual.

FISCAL YEAR 2017-2018


SAC Representative

Business Managers Vacant
Campus Safety & Security Advisory Committee Vacant
Community Service & Outreach Committee Vacant
Institutional Priorities Committee (IPC) Kimberly Lynn
Informational Strategy and Policy Committee (ISPC) Rebeca Stovall
President's Advisory Council Kimberly Lynn
SAC Scholarship Committee

Cynthia Brooks, Kathy Gahn and Kristina Ordanza

University Compensation Committee Lori Guerrero
University Dining Committee Vacant
University Diversity Committee E.Ann Sica and Rachel Stice
University Facilities Committee Vacant
HR Task Force Vacant