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Non-traditional student, mother of three following dream to pursue career

May 10, 2018

Jennifer JuanitasJennifer Juanitas
Organizational Behavior major | Stockton

Jennifer Juanitas is not your "traditional" Pacific student. She is a working mother of three who decided to make her education a priority. She had a career in sales, but soon felt like she hit a wall and could no longer move up in her company. Her family encouraged her to follow her dream of going to college and pursuing a degree.

She applied to Pacific's Organizational Behavior program, a degree completion program tailored to non-traditional students. One classroom experience she remembers well was the first time she had a debate with her classmates. She enjoyed it immensely and offers incoming freshmen this advice:

"Keep an open mind and talk to people who have differing views from your own. Diversity of thought is vital."

After she began the program, Juanitas landed a job on campus with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI@Pacific), a nonprofit program for older learners. Being in the Organizational Behavior program gave her the skills she needed to advance her career. She also thanks the program for the great relationships she has made with her fellow students, professors and staff.

Juanitas says her purpose is to make a difference; Pacific has challenged her to be her best and work to fulfill that purpose. Through her experience with OLLI@Pacific, Juanitas realizes the impact she can have on her community.

Attending University of the Pacific was once a far-off dream for Juanitas. She now hopes to have a lifelong career with Pacific. Her goal is to become program director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI@Pacific) on the Stockton Campus and, eventually, obtain her master's degree.

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