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Liang Xue with Provost Maria Pallavicini

Chemistry Professor Liang Xue was recognized for his commitment to undergraduate research mentoring as the recipient of the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentor Award during the Research Day awards ceremony on April 28.

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Liang Xue receives Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award

May 8, 2018

Chemistry Professor Liang Xue was the recipient of the award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring, which was announced during the Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference, held in conjunction with Research Day on April 28. The award recognizes faculty members who have distinguished themselves in their commitment to mentoring undergraduate student research as a research advisor, assisting students in preparation for conference presentations, including students as co-researchers in their own research, and mentoring students in applying for research opportunities through grants or fellowships.

A very active researcher in the College of the Pacific Chemistry Department, Xue is careful to select research projects that are appropriate for both graduate and undergraduate students. Since coming to Pacific in 2007 he has personally mentored 26 students, which represents a significant investment of time and commitment. He has published eight peer-reviewed journal articles with undergraduate co-authors since 2010. On one of the projects, the lead author was one of his students, Mik Minier '10, who went on to earn a PhD from MIT. 

"Without my independent training from Dr. Xue, there is no way I would have survived the expectations at MIT," Minier shared in his letter of support.

Another student commented, "Dr. Xue values each and every research mentee's work and contributions by continuously giving them positive feedback, recognizing their areas of strength, as well as helping them develop and become confident in their work." 

Prof. Liang Xue with student co-researchers

As a testament to Xue's dedication to students, one student shared "There were a few times throughout the semester where I could not come to my scheduled lab time. Dr. Xue, however, was willing to come in early Saturday mornings so I could complete my work."

"Mentoring undergraduate researchers requires tremendous efforts regarding time management and energy distribution," says Xue. "However, it is rewarding for me to see students' accomplishments, and it motivates me to be a better educator. Over the years, I have mentored students with different cultural backgrounds and nationalities. I have learned to adjust my mentoring style based on the academic background and personality of the students. I inspire and help students to pursue their career interest."

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