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Summary of 2018 Values Initiative Phase II crowdsource survey findings

May 8, 2018

In January 2018, the University of the Pacific Values Initiative Steering Committees launched the second phase of the university's Values Initiative. This phase included a survey of all faculty, staff and students to identify the key processes, practices or policies at the university that were most important to them but were not necessarily aligned with one or more of the six core values (log-in required).

Students were polled regarding financial aid, admission, registration, co-curricular activities and orientation. Faculty and staff were polled regarding their experience with professional development and career progression, performance management, onboarding and community-building. More than 900 responses were received through crowdsourcing, online surveys and focus groups. The crowdsourcing process served to validate the findings from Phase I where nearly 1,400 survey responses outlined specific needs, pain points, desires, motivations and frustrations regarding "what must change" for the university to successfully embody the core values. 

In addition to the quantitative data, the online surveys and focus groups captured qualitative data. Below are areas identified in the focus groups as needing changes in order to align with the core values:

  • Student services
  • Campus communication and unification (communication/transparency and local vs. system-wide practices across the three campuses)
  • Compensation/promotions
  • Training (e.g., diversity, respect/civility, sexual harassment and bullying)
  • Onboarding
  • Staff and faculty development
  • Community building (e.g., volunteering, staff engagement, faculty and staff interaction)            

Next Steps
Consequently, the Values Initiative Steering Committees formed collaborative workgroups to query how we will identify value-based practices; which policies should be updated to reflect our values; how  procedures and processes can exemplify our values; and what standards  we need  to create accountability to the values.

The committees also implemented the following timeline and steps to demonstrate a commitment to offer a better experience to University constituents:                                              

March - July:

  • Gather best practices, observe norms and assumptions, and imbed values in everyday roles
  • Recommend policy, process and practice changes

   April Ongoing:

  • Internal communications that inform and engage our community through stories and rituals aligned with our values and celebrate and guide change processes
  • Update to community on the crowdsourced recommendations and next steps

   July- ongoing by committee charge

  • Begin prototyping and recommending policy/process/practice changes consistent with values/feedback

   December 2018 or spring 2019:

  • Seek feedback annually and provide periodic status updates on progress

Key results from the survey and future plans will be posted on the Values Initiative SharePoint site (log-in required). Creating the university's values was the beginning of the process; the values must come alive through the everyday actions and behaviors of each member of the Pacific community. The committees will focus on how to achieve successful integration of the university's values into the Pacific culture. 

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