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Faculty shared their work during Faculty Development Leave Showcase last week

Apr 24, 2018

On April 19, the Office of the Provost hosted its second annual Faculty Development Leave Showcase. The event showcased the research and pedagogy development of 24 faculty members from their development leave during the 2016-2017 Academic Year. A reception style format open to the Pacific community included diverse presentations ranging from violin works by living composers to the attitudinal values of Canadian Supreme Court justices to course development for micro controllers. Below are a few photos from the event. View the event program for more information on the presentations.

2018 Faculty Development Leave Showcase
2018 Faculty Development Leave Showcase
Hector Estrada speaks with Balint Sztaray
Hector Estrada: Earthquake Engineering

Cynthia Ostberg speaks with Ken Mullen
Cynthia Ostberg: Attitudinal Values of the Modern Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada, 2005-17
Jim Mansoor
Jim Mansoor: Using Exhaled Breath to Evaluate the Long-Term Mechanisms of Early-Life Arsenic Exposure
Martin Camps
Martín Camps: Corrections on the Writings of Enrique Serna (Edition) and Travel Narratives in Latin America

Stephanie Naumann speaks with Cathie McClellan
Stephanie Naumann: When do Structural Holes in Employees' Networks Improve Their Radical Creativity? A Moderated Mediation Model
Ann Miller
Ann Miller: Unaccompanied Violin Works by Living Composers.
Xiaoling Li
Xiaoling Li: Scholarly Writing and Initiating New Research Projects and Directions

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