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Pacific in the Press | March 27, 2018

Mar 27, 2018


Quote of the Week

Music careers are oftentimes not straight lines - there are detours, and that's OK, it's healthy.

-- Keith Hatschek, Disc Makers Blog," March 21, 2018

Here are examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

"Man says a beer ad is misleading, so he's suing. He's also sued over guacamole," Miami Herald, March 19, 2018: McGeorge's Daniel Croxall commented in this story about a man who filed a federal lawsuit against Pabst Brewing Co., alleging false advertising in its sales of Olympia beer. Croxall, who joined McGeorge to teach the first craft beer law class at a U.S. law school, said the lawsuit is a tough claim. "It's definitely not an open and shut case," Croxall told The Sacramento Bee, where the story was first published. "I would expect Pabst is going to move to dismiss this one." The story was picked up by dozens of McClatchy Newspapers, as well as craft beer trade and news aggregator websites, across the country.

"Thanks for Not Sharing! My Fine Dining Isn't Your Fork Orgy," The New York Times, March 21, 2018: History's Ken Albala is cited in this column on sharing food at restaurants. He tells the columnist that continental-style dinning - dishes are taken to the table and served to individual diners - originally spread from Russia to Europe and then the United States beginning in the late 18th century. The column links to Albala's Pacific profile page and was shared by numerous newspapers associated with The New York Times and several news aggregator websites.

"TRUE: California ranks 49th in per capita housing supply," Politifact California, Capital Public Radio, March 21, 2018: Jeff Michael, executive director for Pacific's Center for Business and Policy Research, was used as an expert source for this story on housing in California and specifically the statement by gubernatorial candidate state Lt. Gov. Gaven Newsom that the state is 49th in per capita housing units. The statement was supported by a 2016 report by the McKinsey Global Institute using 2014 data. Michael told Politifact that Newsom's statement seemed accurate and that the McKinsey report is reliable. Based on Michael's comments and other information, Politifact listed Newsom's statement as true.

"Stockton film buff Tom Conner dies at 71," The Record, March 23, 2018: Tom Conner, who had worked with Pacific student leadership and at Morris Chapel, and managed the Janet Leigh Theatre and Pacific's summer film series, was remembered after his death on March 17. "I don't know anybody he didn't touch in some way," said Jan Wammack, the events and weddings coordinator at Morris Chapel where Conner had operated the sound system. "He was one of the kindest and most caring individuals I have ever met."

"Bay Area job market reaches record-high levels again," The Mercury News, March 24, 2018: Jeff Michael, executive director of Pacific's Center for Business and Policy Research, commented in this story about February's surge in the Bay Area jobs market. Michael told The Mercury News that most of the growth had been in higher-paying industries such as technology and that it's a different story in modest- and lower-wage jobs. "Where things are the most stagnant in terms of job growth are the lower-paying sectors, but that probably has more to do with availability of labor rather than a lack of demand by employers for those kinds of jobs," Michael told The Mercury News.

"Finding your place in the music industry: The M3 podcast interviews Keith Hatschek," Disc Makers Blog, March 21, 2018: Keith Hatschek, director of Pacific's Music Management and Music Industry programs, was interviewed for the Mentoring for the Modern Musician podcast. "I tell my students, if you're on the charts, your music may come and go. It's rare for an artist to be popular for more than maybe three or four album cycles, maybe six or eight years. But those off-stage people, those people have careers that span decades," Hatschek told Disc Makers.

"Amazon jobs may not be worth all the tax breaks cities give, study says," California Political Review, March 19, 2018: Jeff Michael, executive director of Pacific's Center for Business and Policy Research, provided context and background for the story on economic incentives for retail giant Amazon.

"Eberhardt School of Business Announces New Dean," The Pacifican, March 22, 2018: Tim Carroll's appointment as the next dean of Eberhardt School of Business was covered in this story. "I've had a chance to launch and grow programs," he told The Pacifican. "I've done a lot of external work with alumni, corporate partners, and donors to improve opportunities for students and faculty... . The strengths of Pacific and what I've had the opportunity to do seem like a good fit for what is already there."

"Free speech is a must, even on campus," The Record, March 24, 2018: UC Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky's visit to Pacific's Stockton Campus last week to speak on free speech on college campuses was covered in this commentary by Mike Fitzgerald.

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