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Benerd College
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Advising for ID students FAQs 

Q: How do I determine if a student is in the International Direct Accelerator?
A: The accelerator shows up in the concentration field in Degreeworks as SLIA; and in the major concentration field on the transcript   

Q: The required courses for ID students conflict with a required course in the student's major; what should I do?
A: UOPI students are required to enroll in COOP 188 and INTL 093 during the first and 2nd terms.      

Q: How can I determine if a student is first or second term IAP?
A: Students enroll through UOPI in Fall, Spring and Summer.  Their student record will show their first term on campus.  
Q: My advisee wants to change majors.  Can she/he do that while in the accelerator?
A: Students have the right to change their major. Changing an international student's major may lengthen the time to degree and may also require the approval of an international students' home government or other external scholarship.  Both changes need to be approved and updated on the student's I-20 document through IPS.  To change an ID students' major, use the UOP change of major form.     

Q: I am aware my advisee is having adjustment, personal, or academic issues.  Whom do I refer him/her to? A:  You should notify the UOPI Student Services Director or Academic Director who can follow up with the student to make appropriate recommendations and provide help.  You can also notify the Student Success Office.   

Q:  Whom can I speak with on academic/advising issues with ID students or general program questions? A:  The UOPI Academic Director can assist and answer questions related to academics. You can also reach out to the UOPI Academic Chair.  The Academic Chair is the University liaison for UOPI.  The current Academic Chair is Dr. Farley Staniec.

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