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Kelly Lootz
Recruitment & Outreach Manager
School of Health Sciences
University of the Pacific
Administrative Building Room 100
3200 Fifth Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95817

Audiology Adjunct Faculty

Suzanne Galal, PharmD
PharmD, Northeastern University, 2008
Residency in Education, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates/Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health  

At Pacific Since: 2009

AUDI 357 - Pharmacology 

Research Interests:
Science of teaching and learning
Smoking cessation

Melanie Gilbert, AuD
BA, Lewis & Clark College, 2004
AuD, Vanderbilt University, 2012
Audiology Externship, UCLA, 2011-2012

Member, American Auditory Society

Fellow, American Academy of Audiology
Member, California Academy of Audiology  

At Pacific Since: 2016

AUDI 321 - Auditory Implants

Research Interests:
Cochlear implants: music perception, objective measures, signal processing

Anga Lao, AuD, FAAA
MA, University of Pittsburgh

AuD, University of Pittsburgh 
Fellow, American Academy of Audiology
Member, American Auditory Society
Member, California Academy of Audiology

At Pacific Since: 2017

AUDI 311 - Pediatric Audiology

Research Interests:

Heidi Makeig, MS, CCC-A
BS, Ohio University
MS, Vanderbilt University

At Pacific Since: 2016

AUDI 385 A - Audiology Practicum I
AUDI 385 B - Audiology Practicum II

Research Interests:
Bilingual low income pediatric populations
Hearing health care access in remote and rural areas

Peter Marincovich, PhD
BA in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, University of California, Santa Barbara
MA in Communication Disorders, Louisiana State University
PhD in Audiology, The University of Memphis

At Pacific Since: 2019

AUDI 355 - Practice Management

Research Interests:
How much of the speech recognition performance of persons listening to speech via hearing devices is explained by a frequency importance weighted combination of band width and signal to noise ratio, that is the articulation index

Lauren L. Pasquesi, AuD, FAAA
BA in Speech and Hearing Science, The Ohio State University, 2011
AuD, Northwestern University, 2014 
Fellow, American Academy of Audiology

At Pacific Since: 2017

AUDI 331 - Vestibular Assessment I
AUDI 367 - Vestibular Assessment II

Research Interests:

Jayaganesh (Ganesh) Swaminathan, PhD
BE in Electrical Engineering, Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu, India, 2002
MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 2004
PhD in Hearing Sciences, Purdue University, 2010
Post Doctoral Training in Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010-12

At Pacific Since: 2019

AUDI 337 - Speech-Language Pathology for Audiology
AUDI 315 - Amplification I
AUDI 317 - Amplification II

Research Interests:
Automatic speech recognition systems
Auditory electrophysiology
Physiology based modeling of auditory nerve responses

Teresa Testa, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA
BA, University of Notre Dame
MA, New York University
MS, Gallaudet University
AuD, Gallaudet University
Externship, Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California
Fellow, American Academy of Audiology
Clinical Certificate of Competency, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

At Pacific Since: 2016

AUDI 385A - Practicum I
AUDI 385B - Practicum II
AUDI 339 - Deaf Culture and Communication Systems

Research Interests:
Auditory processing training