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Tri-Kiosk Presentation Boards


Tri- Kiosk Presentation Boards provide 3 presentation display boards – 42” tall by 58” wide – on a free-standing frame for a professional presentation of your research, data, or information.

Available for your event for $0 /kiosk for non-academic departments includes board rental and rental accessories and $0 for academic departments includes rental accessories only. [Please be aware that Physical Plant setup costs are the responsibility of the user.]

Next steps…

  • Go to to make your reservation. You will receive a confirmation of receipt email, and a second “Request Approved” email if your reservation is accepted and approved
  • Once your request has been approved –
    • Submit a Service Request (SR) to Physical Plant for board delivery, frame setup and breakdown, and return.* subject to change
  • Pick up your rental accessories:
    • Velcro dots to adhere posters

The day of the event - setup-

  • Physical Plant will have:
    • Set up the metal frames in a triangle form as per the SR request.
    • Delivered 1 bag per "kiosk frame" that includes 3 tackable boards.  

Please be aware that setup for a single kiosk can take between 10 – 20 minutes.

  • Install re-usable cable ties on kiosks frames – three (3) per each kiosk securing the legs for security
  • Place boards on kiosks frames
  • Adhere Velcro dots to attach items to tack-able space – DO NOT USE PUSH PINS!

The day of the event – breakdown

  • Remove items from tack-able space - posters and Velcro dots

If damage occurs to the board(s) – the user will be charged the replacement value of the damage. Original purchase price was approximately $1,150 per kiosk at volume discount pricing.

If there is a charge for use of the boards, an invoice will be emailed to the requestor for payment.