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University of the Pacific
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University of the Pacific Permanent Art Collection FAQs

1.  What is the permanent art collection?

The University of the Pacific's permanent art collection is comprised of almost 2,000 paintings, prints, sculpture, photographs, textiles, ceramics, and decorative objects representing the generosity of donors and creativity of the Pacific community. Work from the collection is shared with the public on all three campuses in Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco.   

2.  Who is the University Curator? Where do I find them? 

Artwork by Adair
Adair, Shrove Tuesday

University Curator Lisa Cooperman, MFA, maintains the collection, conducts research and utilizes artwork for exhibitions and installations. The Curator position is held in the President's Division; the physical office is located in the Jeannette Powell Art Center, Room 207. Phone (209) 932-3254 or  

3.  There is a work of art in my office that I no longer want, what do I do?

Call the University Curator to determine if it is part of the permanent inventory. The curator will make an office visit and arrange for its removal.

4.  I want collection art hung in the public spaces of my department, and/or in my office, how do I do that?

Contact the University Curator to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.  

5.  I want to buy art for the public spaces of my department or area, how do I do that?

Contact the University Curator. Art purchases should be coordinated with the Curator.  

6.  I want to buy art for my personal office space, will the university pay for it?

Personal office space art is not under the purview of the Curator or considered part of the University's permanent art collection. Therefore, payment is at personal expense.  

Artwork by Larry Walker
Larry Walker, Fault

7.  I want to see what is available in the permanent art collection, how do I look at it?

Contact the Curator for more information. A list of available art will be created from our database. You may also arrange for a visit to the collection room.  

8.  An artist wants to lend work and/or I want to borrow work from an artist outside the University to be displayed in the public space of my department or area, how do I negotiate this?

All loans to the University are coordinated through the Curator. Contact the Curator to discuss how best to obtain and place the work of art.  

9.  An alumnus wants to donate work from their personal collection to the University. Whom do I contact?

Contact Advancement Services and the University Curator to discuss the suitability of the donation.  

10. Our department is undergoing renovation, what should we do with the art while it happens?

Arrange a visit with the Curator who will advise you about suitable storage during the renovation.  

11. I noticed a label with a barcode on a piece of art in my office. What does it mean?

The label includes an inventory number and indicates that the art belongs in the University's permanent collection.  

To learn more about the Permanent Art & Special Collections Policy governing these activities please visit the University Policy Website. You may also download relevant documents including: Collection Acquisition Proposal; Deed of Gift; Donor Questionnaire; Art & Special Collections Loan Agreement.