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February 8, 2018

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room 3:00-5:00 pm   
Call to Order   

I.     Consent Agenda 
        A.  January 25, 2018 Minutes                                                                                              
II.    Reports                                                                           
        A.    Chairperson's Report - Jeff Becker
        B.    ASuop Representative Report -  Caroline Styc
        C.    Graduate Student Association President's Report - Chris Cannon
        D.    Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini  

III.   Discussion on Reports  

IV.    Action Items
         A.  Academic Calendars - Jeff Becker
              1.  2018-2019 Academic Calendar      
              2.  Eight Year Calendar 
         B.  Academic Affairs Committee on Graduate Studies                 
              1.   Program Revision JD/MPP        

V.    Discussion/Information Items
       A.  WSCUC Update - Sharmila King
       B.  Status of Women Faculty 
       C.  Institutional Priorities Committee (IPC) Budget Update
       D.  Pacific 2020 Refresh Undergraduate Support  - Edie Sparks, Elisa Anders   

VI.   What's on your mind?