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Binod Nainabasti

Visiting Assistant Professor


Phone: 209.932.3293


B.S. Physics, Mathematics and Statistics 1996, M.S. Physics 1999, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu; M.S. Physics Florida Atlantic University, 2011; Ph.D. Physics Florida International University, 2016

My research interests lie in the area of learning and teaching of Physics Education Research (PER). Specifically, I would like to engineer learning environments to investigate how STEM students can teach themselves, acquire scientific abilities and develop positive attitudes toward science.  I am also interested in curriculum design, course practices and investigating student learning across the disciplines of STEM fields. My long-term goal is advancing evidence-based teaching and learning practices in science education with minimal resources.  I would like to meet collaborators with similar interests.


Physics 23 General Physics I

Physics 25 General Physics II

Physics 53 Principles of Physics I

Physics 55 Principles of Physics II

Physics 101 Electricity and Magnetism