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Guillermo Barro

Assistant Professor


Phone: 209.932.3292


B.S. Astronomy & Theoretical Physics 2005, M.S. Astronomy 2007, Ph.D. Astronomy 2011, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Curriculum Vitae 

Research Interests

As an observational extragalactic astronomer, I study the formation and evolution of massive galaxies over the past eleven billion years of cosmic time. I am interested in pushing our detection of massive galaxies even earlier in time (within only a few billion years of the Big Bang itself!), as well as understanding the physics of their structures and stellar populations.

With exquisite Hubble Space Telescope imaging and spectroscopy, we search for the most massive galaxies exploring the rich uncharted territory of the distant universe. Our understanding of the cosmos is fundamentally tied to the study of galaxies, the birthplace of all stars and life itself.

We use resolved multi-band data (UV, optical, IR and radio) to dissect galaxies and map the spatial distribution of their main emitting components - stars, gas and dust - to understand how they were assembled together.


Physics 102 Electrodynamics

Physics 140 Astrophysics

Physics 161 Thermal Physics