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    Ernesto Espinoza

    Ernesto Espinoza Admission Counselor

    BA in Sociology, University of the Pacific

    What is your favorite thing to do on campus? 
    The lair is my go-to place on campus when I was a student. It is a chill location that has a pool table and gaming room. Every semester, they have social events where students can sing karaoke, or listen to local musical artists perform songs. 

    What is your favorite place to go to in Stockton?
    Stockton has many places to see and do! My favorite place in town to grab a bite is Midnight at Burnies. It is a spot in Stockton where you can grab delicious food late at night outside of your typical fast-food. 

    What is your favorite movie and why?
    My favorite movie has to be Kung Fu Hustle. It is a creative movie that combines action, drama, and downright in-your-face comedy into a superb package. You never know what silly action may occur in a scene!

    Geographic Focus:

    California Counties

    • San Joaquin
    • Santa Cruz
    • San Benito
    • Monterey
    • Arizona
    • New Mexico