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Institutional Mission and Priorities

Pacific 2020R

2017-18 Institutional Priorities and Initiatives

Our Vision: Become the leading student-focused university in California

Pacific 2020 Refresh (Pacific 2020R), University of Pacific's refreshed strategic plan, outlines the significant progress we have made on our strategic plan (Pacific 2020) in the last year thanks to your outstanding work and commitment. It also lays out our roadmap for the year ahead as we realize our vision of becoming the leading student-centered university in California.

The university undertook refreshing Pacific 2020 in summer 2016 to identify the most important priorities for the next five years. Five potential ideas were vetted and discussed through a comprehensive process that included all of the university's major stakeholders. Those ideas were narrowed and further refined to become the refreshed strategic plan, which was approved by the Board of Regents in May 2017.

Pacific 2020R focuses on two themes that will guide the university's work for the next five years: Students with Purpose and Agile and Dynamic Growth. Five priorities support these themes: Integrate Undergraduate Student Support, Integrate Graduate Support, Create a Transformative Liberal Arts Experience, Build a Unified University and Develop a School of Health.

Each of the priorities and initiatives of Pacific 2020R has a set of associated actions that will be completed in phases over the next five years by teams of people across the university.

Institutional Priorities 2017-18

The 2017-18 institutional priorities will focus on integrating undergraduate student support, integrating graduate student support and becoming a unified university.

Theme I: Students with Purpose

Our vision is to graduate students with lifelong skills to live, learn and lead with purpose and to make a positive impact in their careers and the communities where they live.

To achieve our vision, we will build a supportive environment that fosters transformative learning experiences that prepare Pacific students to lead purposeful lives.

Students with Purpose is supported by three priorities:

  • Integrate Undergraduate Student Support
  • Integrate Graduate Student Support
  • Integrate Transformative Liberal Arts Experience

This year, we will focus on integrating undergraduate student support and integrating graduate student support

The goal is to develop and implement supports that enable students to easily onboard and navigate the various components of their student careers at Pacific.

The undergraduate student support work will include:

  • Pre-Matriculation Experience
  • Orientation and First-Year Experience
  • Academic/Career Advising
  • Academic Support
  • Safety Net

Graduate student support work will include:

  • Pre-Matriculation and Orientation
  • Academic/Career Support
  • Policies

Theme II: Agile and Dynamic Growth

The world and the role of higher education continue to evolve. We recognize that Pacific must continually adapt to realize opportunities and remain relevant to our students. As a result, thriving through adaptive and innovative growth is the second commitment of Pacific 2020R.

Agile and Dynamic Growth is supported by two priorities:

  • Build a Unified University
  • Develop a School of Health

This year, we will focus on becoming a unified university.

Building a unified university is vital to our growth and evolution as a leading California university. Our goal is to shape our identity and culture as a university that operates seamlessly across three campuses, highlights our shared values, and harmonizes our administrative structures policies and procedures with our identity and values.

This priority is in alignment with and will support the Pacific Values Initiative by building and reinforcing a culture that embodies core values. Integrating administrative services across our three campuses will benefit students, faculty and staff through cross-disciplinary and collaborative opportunities and consistent policies and best practices.

Our work this year will include:

  • Holding cultural conversations to discover and develop shared values
  • Aligning our practices and policies to reflect a unified university and our values
  • Reorganizing our administrative structures to support operating as a unified university
  • Developing a unified identity and communicating internally Pacific's identity as a unified university with shared values

Read about Pacific 2020R here. SharePoint site for Pacific 2020R available here (Pacific login required).

Pacific 2020R Institutional Priorities
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