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End-of-year time sheet submission deadlines and 2018 payroll calendar

Dec 15, 2017

All non-exempt employees must have their timesheet for the Dec. 11-24 pay period submitted and approved by 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 25. The final payday of 2017 will be Dec. 29.

Employees are advised to submit and have timesheets approved on your last day of work before the holiday break. The Payroll department will be coming in on Dec. 26 to process payroll. If your time is not submitted and approved we will not be able to process your paycheck, and you will not be paid on Dec. 29.

All non-exempt employees: Please ensure that your supervisor has approved your timesheet by the deadline otherwise your paycheck will be delayed.

All Supervisors: Please approve your non-exempt employees' timesheets by Dec. 25 so they can be paid on Dec. 29.  

2018 payroll calendars:

2018 Biweekly Web Time Entry and Payroll Calendar

2018 Semimonthly Payroll Calendar

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