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Introducing the New Program Academic Incubator

Office of the ProvostNov 9, 2017

Over the past three years, Pacific has cultivated 14 new programs with financial support from the Strategic Investment Fund (SIF). The introduction of these new programs has been accompanied by strain on school/college infrastructures. In addition to program development and approvals, pre-implementation planning (including budgeting, business planning and post launch assessment of progress toward goals) has contributed to the strain.

Recognizing these pain points and challenges, Provost Pallavicini is introducing the New Program Academic Incubator to be the primary support for navigating all stages of new program development and implementation.   

What is an academic incubator?
An academic incubator functions independently of a school or college, coordinates academic, programmatic and student support across units and divisions and monitors progress for developing new programs from inception through stability. It is a place where emerging ideas, new programs and academic innovations are supported and nurtured through collaboration and cooperation. 

There are four stages in new program development:

  1. Idea development, including viability analysis and information gathering 
  2. Business planning, curricular development and approval 
  3. Prelaunch, including marketing and preparing for the first class or cohort 
  4. Post-launch stabilization, optimization and evaluation

The Incubator will provide the structure and the knowledge base for program development through all of these stages, and will facilitate faculty and program mentoring for success. New programs will continue to have the support of the Incubator until the program becomes administratively and financially stable and an ongoing Pacific offering.

The New Program Academic Incubator will be housed in the Academic Division and will work across all schools and colleges and across divisions to support program development and success. This cross-school/college/division support will minimize the silo effect and provide additional support to structure interdisciplinary programs.

The support provided by the Incubator will allow the faculty to focus on curricular development and refinement instead of being overwhelmed with the logistics needed to successfully launch the program and perform post-launch evaluations.  

The Incubator is currently under development for launch in January 2018, by the start of the spring semester. Look for more updates soon. 

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