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November 9, 2017

Academic Council Meeting

Library Community Room 3:00-5:00 pm   


Call to Order   

I.     Consent Agenda                                                                                                       
       A.    October 12, 2017 Minutes
       B.    Academic Affairs on Undergraduate Studies
              1.     November 7, 2017 Course Approvals
              2.     November 7, 2017 Program Approvals  

II.   Reports                                                                                  
       A.    Chairperson's Report - Jeff Becker
       B.    President's Report - Pamela Eibeck
       C.    Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
       D.    ASuop Representative Report -  Caroline Styc
       E.    Graduate Student Association President's Report - Chris Cannon  

III.  Discussion on Reports   

IV.   Executive Session
       A.    University Budget Oversight                                     
       B.    What's on your mind?