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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often do I get to use the kitchen?   Currently, there is no limit to the amount of times you can reserve the Kitchen Co-op! 
  2. Does the Co-Op have everything I need, including ingredients?  The Kitchen Co-op has all the baking, serving, and cooking ware you will need to cook with, but you will need to bring your own ingredients. We do have a variety of spices (list found in Information Binder located in the Co-op), oils, sugar and flours. 
  3. What are the hours of the Kitchen Co-Op? They vary, but if you hold an event after 8AM and before 10PM we should be able to accommodate you on weekdays and more tentatively on weekends. 
  4. How many people can come to the Co-op with me? Following fire hazard protocol, we suggest no more than 20 people may be in the Co-op at one time. 
  5. Can I play music, watch TV or play a movie? Absolutely! We want you to treat it as your home. A projector comes with the space.
  6. Am I allowed to leave items in the fridge?  Yes! We have food storage containers and a labeling system available. Please make sure to collect your leftovers at least three days after your event.
  7. How can I reserve the co-op? Reservations are made online through our Reservation Calendar. See the Reservations tab on the left menu bar for more details. 
  8. Who do I contact if there is an emergency at the Co-op?  If someone's life is in danger call 911. Then call Public Safety at 209-946-3911. If you are locked out, call Sustaining Pacific at: 209-932-2991. If you do not reach anyone, please contact the RA on duty number (listed on the billboard outside next to the mailboxes) or the Co-op coordinator you have been working with.
  9. How late can I stay?  You are allowed to stay for the duration of your reservation. Please remember that your clean up time should take place during your reservation time. Please also remember that the Towerview apartments follow school quiet hours. 
  10. May I reserve the Co-Op after the available hours? Please contact the Kitchen Co-op team at with your inquiry.