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Title IX Policy updates

Aug 30, 2017

The university-wide Title IX Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation, which was implemented in March 2016, has recently been updated to ensure that language and definitions are consistent throughout the policy, that the policy is easy to understand and that procedures are more timely. The policy affirms Pacific's commitment to preventing sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence and stalking, and aligns our University with federal Title IX legislation barring sexual misconduct in colleges and universities. 

The updated policy is designed to ensure fair and equitable treatment, as well as clear and consistent procedures. In addition, it explains how to report misconduct and how to access resources and support.

The Title IX policy applies to all Pacific community members, including students, faculty, staff, administrators, consultants, and vendors. Sexual misconduct at Pacific is prohibited on all campuses, off campus, and through online electronic communication. A community free from sexual misconduct is essential for a successful educational experience. It is our responsibility as students, faculty, and staff to create a living, learning and working environment at Pacific where sexual misconduct is not only explicitly prohibited, but actively discouraged. All members of the University community will need to familiarize themselves with this policy.

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