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Pacific Reports & Dashboards

Below are areas where IR provides information and/or dashboards for admissions, enrollment, courses, degrees, research reports and student success. 

Our goal has been to provide dynamic content whenever possible. The dashboards are an interactive reporting tool that allows users to get information instantaneously. Dashboards graphically show the current status (snapshot) and historical trends for many metrics, including some of Pacific's key performance indicators. 

Review and cleaning of data is performed by the Data Integrity Group (DIG). For information about DIG, click here! 

Use the links below to view more information about specific dashboards. To view a dashboard PacificNet authentication is required and users must be assigned access. For additional questions and technical support, please contact Yasmine Potts (email or ex. 62379) or Margaret Luu (email or ex. 62465).  Additional information regarding the dashboards: 

  1. You must enter the campus domain before your username, e.g., stk\username or sac\username or sf\username
  2. In order to view dashboards you must be connected to the campus network or have access to Pacific's Virtual Private Network (VPN). You will not be able to view dashboards off campus without VPN access. Information on how to set up access to Pacific's VPN can be found here.
  3. Dashboards can be accessed using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Please follow these instructions if you receive an error opening up a dashboard in Internet Explorer. 

Research, Analytics & Comparisons


Click here to see information on the current admissions cycle which includes applications, admits and confirmations by program. Trends are also available.



Official fall 2016 enrollment reports are online now. Historical trends and detailed reports for past terms are also available on this page.

Institutional Data


Available on this page are degrees awarded trends by campus, level or program. This information is also shown by gender and ethnicity. Minors awarded are also available.

Courses Course content includes fall, spring and summer enrollment trends that show the enrolled total, total drops and credits enrolled. Also available is a newer course report which will show you a course's section capacity and the % of course utilization.


Research Reports Research reports are written by the IR staff, along with partners from other divisions on campus. The focus of these reports is to investigate important issues and synthesize information in order to feed institutional decision-making.


Student Success    

Pacific has an all encompassing student success definition, this page includes reports related to retention, graduation rates, and student engagement and satisfaction surveys.