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IR Website Change

The Institutional Research website-and reporting as you know it-is about to go through some massive changes! Our goal is to get less static content (which you may need to wait for) and more dynamic content in your hands. To accomplish this we will be moving away from our current IRIS webpage, which houses our static reports, to an interactive reporting tool that will allow user to get information instantaneously: Dashboards though the Pyramid Analytics system.

Dashboards graphically show the current status (snapshot) and historical trends many of the University of the Pacific's key performance indicators to enable users to make instantaneous and informed decisions at a glance. We plan to release our first dashboard, which will provide information about admissions, at the end of October. Following the release of an admissions dashboard, we will be rolling out dashboards that cover enrollment, course load, and retention.   

As we transition to this new way of reporting, the IRIS IR webpage will no longer be updated. Fall 2014 Enrollment Reports can be found here. Other static reports will be released in a University Fact Book, which should be available later this academic year. We are very excited to implement dashboards, and we think users will enjoy how they increase the accessibility and transparency of our data. 

If there are any reports that you need updated or you have any new data requests, please contact Yasmine Potts at 209.946.2379 or