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Fall Enrollment Reports

Below are final fall enrollment reports which reflect the official census as of October 1st. These are the official figures that go into all university reporting. The reports provide enrollment data for students disaggregated in a number of useful ways. Here you can find information about new student enrollment, total enrollment by campus (i.e., Stockton, San Francisco, Sacramento) and by level (i.e., undergraduate, graduate, and professional), and total enrollment by college/school. You will also find certain demographical breakdowns, such as total enrollment by ethnicity and gender.

Pacific Fall 6 Year Enrollment Summary: 
Historical enrollment trends by campus and by level. Also includes new undergraduate student enrollment by student type (e.g., new freshmen, transfer). 
Fall 2011 - Fall 2016
Fall 2010 - Fall 2015

3 City Enrollment: 
Headcount by college, student level, gender, and ethnicity. Also provides new student enrollment by level for all three campuses.  
    2016 20152014 2013 - 2012 - 2011 -2010)

If you have access to Pacific Analytic Dashboards, you can find more detailed enrollment reports (e.g., enrollment by major, total units by class level) by clicking here. Note that in order to view dashboards, PacificNet authentication is required and users must be assigned access. For more information about dashboards, please visit the Pacific Analytics Dashboard landing page.