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UOP International update

Jul 28, 2017

International students in Pacific GardenInternational students are "all hands on deck"

The UOP International students had an opportunity to take part in experiential learning last month. In between summer language and the general education courses, UOPI students are also fully engaged in a course called Live, Learn, Grow. This curriculum helps support their transition to Pacific and the U.S. through a variety of engaging and intentional learning activities meant to provide an understanding of what it means to be a student in the U.S. and their role as a campus, community and global citizen. This year we have had wide participation from campus partners within the Student Success Center, Housing, Rec Sports, Pride Resource Center and more. The course is at the core of the programming offered to UOPI students, focused on their integration and ultimate success at Pacific. 

Recent activities had them partnering with the Pacific Garden Program, a "teaching and learning laboratory for students to explore their interconnectedness with their environment, learn principles and practices of gardening that can enrich the rest of their lives, and enjoy the value of shared hard work with the benefit of reaping the products of their labor." Upon arrival, students went right to work, learning the foundational principles of sustainable living, while establishing a deeper understanding of the impact of combined effort on the greater community. It was exciting to see students from all over the world growing in their individual understanding while working together toward a community goal. 

International students in Pacific Garden Not only did students have the opportunity to work, but they also had the chance to taste firsthand the fruits of their labors provided by Laura Merry from a local farmer's market.

This community service project is a prelude to what will come in the month of October, as UOPI partners with the team at Shorelight Education to dedicate the month to service through the All Hands on Deck initiative. For a number of years, Shorelight and its partners have engaged in projects to help serve their community and unite staff through a commitment to make the world a better place. Thus far, over 30 organizations have been served by the All Hands on Deck program, and that impact will grow even broader this year as we roll out the program on the Stockton Campus. We invite you to join us in the month of October to dedicate some of your time to serve with us. Contact Chad Fraga (, who is leading this initiative and the newest addition to team UOPI, for information on getting involved.

Program updates

Undergraduate Accelerator Program
Fall 2017 will be the largest intake of students thus far for UOPI. Currently students represent 12 different countries with a strong emphasis in engineering, computer science and business programs. One of our students, from Vietnam will be majoring in engineering and also happens to be a concert violinist. He also will be working with the Conservatory of Music to continue his passion for music while completing his degree in engineering. 

Masters Accelerator Program
As we continue to await certification by the federal Student and Exchange Visitor Program, roll-out timelines have changed from spring 2018 to fall 2018. To prepare for a successful launch, faculty and department administrators from engineering, data science and law have been meeting on a weekly basis. Each meeting focuses on crucial aspects of the process and procedures for program roll-out. Review of documents and terms allows all to participate in the formation of partnership practices as we prepare to welcome students in fall 2018. 

Fall 2017 enrollment update

Applications: 778 
Accepted: 73  
Numbers are calculated on a biweekly basis. 

Student spotlight

Ibrahim Alhaylam AlanazName: Ibrahim Alhaylam Alanaz
Hometown: Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Major: Electrical Engineering
Favorite Spot: Intramural Fields
Why: To play endless soccer

"Pacific has a great reputation in my country. To study here is an honor, and I enjoy the small classes. I have also joined the Club Soccer team, where I have met many new friends and teammates. Coming to a new place can be hard, but soccer can be an international language, and I feel welcome here." 

Important dates

August 2: Application deadline for fall 2017
August 20: Fall 2017 orientation begins

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