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Course Reports

Course ReportsDescription of Reports
Course Sections by Department and Schedule Type  This dashboard provides course section trends (Fall 2011 - Fall 2016) by the following measures: enrolled total, section capacity, course utilization % (enrolled total/section capacity), drop count, drop %. Each section of a course shows up on its own row.   
Course Enrollment Trends This dashboard provides fall, spring, and summer course enrollment trends. Enrolled total, total drops, and credits enrolled are shown by the college the course belongs to, the name of the course, and the section number for the course.
Course Enrollment By Major Trends

Fall 2016
Spring 2017
This dashboard provides fall course enrollment by major trends. Enrolled totals by the student's major for each course/section are shown.


To view a dashboard, PacificNet authentication is required and users must be assigned access. Additional information about dashboards can be found here. For questions and technical support, please contact Yasmine Keen (email or ex. 62379) or Margaret Luu (email or ex. 62465).