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Local Government 101

Program Overview

This course is designed to provide an introductory overview of local government structure and public policy issues. Students will learn about the technical and legal requirements for campaigning and serving in an elected position, the demographics and social dynamics of San Joaquin County, as well as important public policy issues relevant to candidates and community members today. Topics covered by expert speakers include: public safety, public health, education, economic development, land use planning, culture, housing, and more. Upon completion, students should have a well-rounded view of the many civic issues affecting communities now.

Course Sessions

All sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Central Methodist Church Fireside room.

SESSION 1: The Society of San Joaquin, September 13, 2017

SESSION 2: Business Climate (Chamber, Partnership, City Department), September 20, 2017

SESSION 3: Getting Elected, September 27, 2017

SESSION 4: Serving the Public ( Budgets, Policy Making, Brown Act), October 4, 2017

SESSION 5: Public Safety (Administration of Justice and Crime Prevention), October 11, 2017

SESSION 6: Education (City Schools, County Department of Education, Delta College), October 18, 2017

SESSION 7: Culture and Arts : What they contribute and how government supports them, October 25, 2017

SESSION 8: Water (Delta management, Water Districts), November 1, 2017

SESSION 9: Land Use Planning and the Environment (City and County), November 8, 2017

SESSION 10: Public Health, Housing and Homelessness, November 15, 2017

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Course Code

UJCT 015 - 2 CEUS

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