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Stay Aware! 6 Tips to prevent a cellphone grab and other opportunity thefts

Jul 31, 2017

Stockton police officers have responded to a series of thefts in which the robber is attracted to the lit screens of cellphones or tablets, including a recent robbery on Pacific Avenue near the Stockton Campus.

A man not connected to Pacific was distracted while listening to his cellphone. The robber ran behind the victim, knocked him down, and took the man's backpack and cellphone.

In other cases, robbers have slapped the underside of a person's hand holding a cellphone, grabbed the phone as it popped into the air, and then ran off.

Pacific Public Safety is offering these 6 tips for reducing your chances of being a crime victim:

  1. Stay aware of your surroundings and attentive to approaching people. Do not be distracted by talking on your cellphone, listening to music or reading.
  2. Control the environment - Try to travel with others, walk in well-traveled, populated areas and, at night, keep to well-lighted areas.
  3. Resist the urge to multitask while walking - Protect your electronics by not displaying them. Wait to make phone calls or check your email, and listen to music once you arrive at your destination.
  4. Activate tracking system - When you purchase an electronic device, check on the availability of a tracking system (usually free at time of purchase)
  5. Use ATMs Safely - Do not use ATMs in remote areas; use ATMs during the daylight hours in well-populated areas or located in stores.Take care not to display large amounts of cash and exces­sive jewelry.
  6. Guard your wallet/handbag - If you carry a wallet, place it in a front pants pocket or inside jacket pocket — do not carry in your back pants pocket. If you carry a handbag while walking, choose a small handbag or purse that you can grasp with your hand. Don't leave handbag unattended in open shopping cart.

Find more tips on Public Safety's Safety Tips and Publications page and learn more about the See Something, Say Something program that encourages members of the Pacific community to become the eyes and ears of Pacific Safety to help maintain Pacific's safe learning environment.

Faculty, staff and students are also urged to update contact information for the emergency notification system. (Log in to insidePacific using your PacificNet ID and password, click on the "Administrative" tab, and click on "Update your profile for Emergency Notifications" under PacificConnect on the far right. Update the contact information and click "Save.")

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