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Pacific Course Evaluation System

The Institutional Research Office (IR) supports schools, colleges, and departments with the course evaluation process through the online Pacific Course Evaluation System. 

Why Online? 

  • Reduces manual processes during preparation/administering/data processing.
  • Ease of data for analysis and reporting.
  • Reliable results.

How can my department participate?

IR oversees requests to initially set up online course evaluations. These requests are often generated at the school/college or department level. Departments interested in participating, please contact Yasmine Potts at (209) 946-2569.

How to set up online course evaluations?

  1. First, you will need access to the Pacific Course Evaluation System. Access is set up by IR, upon request. Access is typically granted to the department chair and/ or a department-level coordinator (i.e., department administrative assistant). If you are an individual faculty member, please contact your department chair or department-level coordinator (i.e., department administrative assistant) to find out if your department currently participates in the online Pacific Course Evaluations. You may also contact Yasmine Potts at (209) 946-2569.

  2. Second, an online course evaluation instrument will need to be developed. Departments will need to provide IR with a copy of the paper hard-copy instrument for developing an online version. The Chair and/or department-level coordinator will collaborate with IR during this process to ensure needs of the department are met.

  3. Third, a department-level coordinator will need to be selected. This individual is typically the department administrative assistant, and is responsible for maintaining the online course evaluations for the department. This person will also create and edit email communication messages, schedule course evaluations, and support faculty, as needed.

  4. Finally, training for the department-level coordinator is provided by IR on a one-to-one basis. Additionally, a customized department-level presentation to faculty is available, upon request.

If your department does indeed participate in the Pacific Course Evaluation System, then faculty may visit insidePacific, click on the Academic tab, and then find and click on the Pacific Course Evaluation System link. Once in the system, a list of courses that have evaluation results available will appear. Aggregated course evaluation results and summary reports are only viewable AFTER final grades have been submitted for each term.      

Where can I learn more?

Please check the Pacific Course Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions below for more information. For questions, please call Yasmine Potts at (209) 946-2569. Demonstrations and department-level presentations are available upon request.   

Interested? Who do I contact?  

To get started in the Pacific Course Evaluation System, please contact Yasmine Potts at (209) 946-2569.

Demonstrations and additional information are available, upon request.

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