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Payroll and HR

Web-based time entry and biweekly payroll transition continues

Jul 13, 2017

In mid-June, we began the transition to web-based time entry and biweekly payroll with students and temp casual employees. The next transition for non-exempt employees began this week.

These changes are part of the university's move to update and modernize its timekeeping and payroll systems to make processes easier for our students, faculty and staff, and to adopt operational best practices utilized by many other universities. Please be aware of the following important information as we continue this process:

Non-exempt employees
Non-exempt employees transitioned to biweekly payroll as of July 16
. Non-exempt employees received their last semimonthly paycheck July 10, which covers work days from July 1 to 15. They will receive a transition check July 28 covering work days from July 16 to 23 and will receive their first full biweekly paycheck on Aug. 11 covering work days from July 24 to Aug. 6. Please remember, the final paper timesheets for non-exempt  employees are due to Payroll July 17 for the July 1 to 15 pay period. Beginning July 16 non-exempt employees will enter their time through insidePacific.

The online training module on  Web Time Entry for Non-Exempt Staff (log-in required) offers step-by-step instructions, payroll deadlines, screen shots of each screen and legal requirements for time reporting. The online module Web Time Entry for Approvers (log-in required) is available to managers and supervisors to learn about and understand your role as a time sheet approver as you begin approving timesheets on July 16.

Exempt employees
Exempt employees transition Aug. 1. For July, exempt employees will use a paper timesheet for exception reporting (vacation, sick leave, etc.), which is due to Payroll Aug. 4. Beginning Aug. 1, exempt employees will use the Leave Reporting feature on insidePacific for exception reporting. Training on Leave Reporting will be available from Human Resources on Aug. 1. Exempt employees will receive their last semimonthly paycheck July 26, which covers work days from July 16 to 31, and will transition to biweekly payroll Aug. 1. They will receive a transition check Aug. 11 covering work days from August 1 to 6 and will receive their first full biweekly paycheck Aug. 25 covering work days from Aug. 7 to 20. 

Changes to paycheck issue dates
Remember that paycheck issue dates will be different following the transition to biweekly payroll. Please review any automatic payments or deductions you have set up, including supplemental retirement contributions, and adjust as necessary. View the biweekly web time entry calendar for a schedule of pay periods and paycheck issue dates through the end of this year.

Transition Assistance Plan payouts
For those who applied by July 3 for Transition Assistance Plan funding for a vacation cash-out and/or interest-free loan, the funds will be disbursed on approved requests for vacation cash-outs on July 20 and loans on July 21. The second deadline to apply for the vacation cash-out and/or interest-free loan is Aug. 3. Funds will be disbursed for approved requests on Aug. 28 and 29. Review more information and apply using the Transition Assistance Loan request form and/or the Vacation Cash Out request form (log-in required). Payroll staff are available to assist with any questions.

More information is available on the Web Time Entry and Biweekly Payroll SharePoint site (log-in required). For questions or assistance, you may contact Payroll by phone at 209.946.2158 or by email or your campus Human Resources office: Stockton: 209.946.2124 or email Linda Jeffers; Sacramento: 916.739.7031 or email Laura Allen; San Francisco: 415.929.6468 or email Kara Bell.

Improvements in pay stubs
In the coming weeks, you will notice the information provided on your pay stubs will be more streamlined and easier to understand. (Pay stubs include a breakdwon of amounts for regular pay, overtime pay as applicable, vacation pay and sick pay, deductions for benefits, taxes and retirement contributions, as well as leave balances for vacation and sick pay.) More detailed information will be provided on the pay stub available to employees on insidePacific. For an interim period during this transition of payroll processes, employees will receive an email with their leave balances.  

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