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Library's new "Cube" provides resources to facilitate cross-disciplinary creativity and innovation

Jun 23, 2017

The University Libraries are excited to introduce the "Cube" — an innovative new space for students, faculty and staff that provides the resources and technology to encourage Cross-disciplinary exploration, Collaboration, and Creation. In addition, the Cube is a Connector for all experiential learning spaces on campus.

The Cube opened this week on the first floor of the Main Library on the Stockton Campus, and is adjacent to the Media X construction zone as you enter the building.

The glass-walled Cube is an experiential learning space designed to accommodate a variety of activities from makerspace activities to virtual reality to workshops, and more. The Library invites faculty, program directors from all disciplines as well as members of student organizations to visit the Cube and explore opportunities for academic projects and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

As of June 26, the cube is open and staffed Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

The activities in the Cube will complement student learning activities in the Studio, which is being constructed to support the new Media X program, and the Discovery Wall, a large-scale digital wall to showcase learning activities. The available equipment supports activities such as:

  • 3D Printing — Printing physical objects from digital models 
  • 3D Scanning — Making 3D digital models of real-world objects 
  • Virtual Reality — Experiencing a three-dimensional, interactive, and immersive environment 
  • CAD - Creating projects with computer assisted design software

This new space is just a one of the exciting new services brought about in the University Libraries' redesign. Plans anticipate more learning and social spaces, along with easier access to print and digital media and other resources, to create a more holistic, 21st-century learning experience for students. More information on the redesign and a final report are available on the University Library Re-visioning SharePoint site.

For more information about the Cube or to explore ways to partner with academic programs, contact Niraj Chaudhary, director of library technology and digital initiatives, at 209.932.3193 or

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