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University of the Pacific is committed to maintaining a safe workplace environment through our Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and the safe actions of all members of our University community. In support of IIPP and this mission, the University provides comprehensive safety education and training for our University community through our Bridge and Canvas platforms. Even though safety education and training is often required for regulatory compliance reasons, its main purpose is to provide workplace safety information for our University community to prevent accidents and injuries before they can happen.

Supervisors, faculty, researchers, and staff are responsible for understanding the basics of workplace safety, including life safety issues, hazard assessment, accident investigation, hazard correction, compliance, safety responsibilities, communication, training, and recordkeeping. A wide variety of safety education and training materials are available to help support this mission, which includes, but is not limited to, online courses, reading materials, video presentations, and group or individual education. Educational and training sessions are designed to provide guidance in the ability to recognize hazards, assess the risk of those hazards, minimize, manage, or control those hazards, and prepare participants to recognize and respond to emergencies. 

For further assistance with education and training that could better meet our University needs, contact Risk Management


Bridge – Accessible for all University employees

Canvas – students can contact their professors for safety information available through Canvas