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Payroll and HR

Web time entry training and transition assistance for biweekly payroll

Jun 16, 2017

The transition to biweekly pay and web time entry is being phased in during June, July and August.

Students and temp casual employees, who have already been entering their timesheets online, will begin the transition to biweekly pay on June 16. Non-exempt employees will transition to biweekly pay and web time entry on July 16 and exempt employees on Aug. 1. View the Biweekly Pay Transition Schedule for more information (log-in required).

Three training modules are being developed by Human Resources to help Pacific employees prepare to use web time entry. The modules will cover both submitting and approving time sheets through this process. 

The first module, "Web Time Entry for Non-Exempt Staff," came online June 6. This module offers step-by-step instructions for web time entry, payroll deadlines, screen shots of each screen and legal requirements for time reporting. Click the link to access Web Time Entry for Non-Exempt Staff Tutorial. (You will be asked to enter your Pacificnet username and password to access the course.) Non-exempt staff will begin entering their time through web time entry beginning July 16.

The second module, "Web Time Entry for Approvers," covers pay periods and payroll deadlines, how to review and approve time and leave reporting, selecting proxies and key supervisor legal responsibilities. This module will be available soon.

The Transition Assistance Program is available to help employees who may need assistance financially managing the transition to biweekly pay. Employees may request an interest-free loan and/or a one-time vacation cash out. Payroll staff are available to assist you in determining the best option. The application form and details on the transition assistance loan are available here. The application form and details on the vacation cash out are available here.

The first deadline to submit requests for the transition assistance program will be July 3. Human Resources and Payroll also have provided budget planning tools and a vacation cash-out calculator to further assist employees in this process.

Note: If you have applied for transition assistance, but determine you no longer require it, you may rescind your request. Contact Linda Jeffers in Human Resources for more information at

Visit the Web-based Time Entry and Biweekly Payroll Sharepoint Site for additional information, updates and contact information.  

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