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Pacific Alert Team

The Pacific Alert Team (PAT) is the University's crisis response team. It is designed to strengthen the protection of lives and property during major emergency events on any of the three campuses within the University of the Pacific and to assist students, faculty and staff members when faced with personal emergencies on a University of the Pacific campus and/or within the community.

The following principles will guide the response of the University of the Pacific to any emergency facing the institution or members of its community:

  • Concern for students, employees, and the local community
  • Quick Response
  • Protection of University property
  • Restoration of normal operations to the University
  • Effective communication to appropriate groups
  • Preparation for emergencies

Each member of the Pacific Alert Team has been trained through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The team has monthly training meetings where critical issues that affect higher education institutions nationally are discussed along with issues that are specific to the Pacific community. The team attends two simulation training exercises each year to meet the requirements of the Department of Education. These exercises range from fires, hazardous waste, active shooter and a variety of other potential disaster situations. They are done in conjunction with the community first responders to ensure proper communication between the teams.