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PMO Project Support

Your request becomes part of the Pacific Technology work queue once it has been entered into the system.   

  1. If a potential solution exists that could address your request, someone from Pacific Technology will reach out to you to get more details and determine next steps
  2. If there is a strategic effort underway, the Assistant VP of Architecture will reach out to you to get your specific requirements
  3. Otherwise, the request is presented to the Project Review Board.  The board will assign a technical resource and a temporary project manager to work with you on your request. 
    • The technical resource will work with you on the development of a business case in support of your requirements.  Click on this link for a sample business case.
    • The Project Manager will be engaged to develop resource requirements once the business case has been created.

For any questions or assistance with projects, please contact the PMO by email at or by phone by calling 209-932-7667.