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Project Submission

The ServiceNow self-service request for a project IDEA will be available in the very near future. University faculty and staff will no longer have to submit requests for Technology projects via paper form or email. The online request known as the IDEA will be available via the ServiceNow Service Management page. This request, once submitted, will be reviewed by the Program Management Office (PMO).

If the request is a potential project, it will be submitted to the Pacific Technology Project Review Board (PRB) for review and assignment. A technical analyst will be assigned to work with the requestor to compile the necessary information so that the request can be initiated. Once started, the requestor will be contacted with instructions regarding next steps.

The process for an IDEA is much different from the Service Request, please check out the ServiceNow Idea Request Reference Sheet for guidance when filling out the correct form. Pacific Technology wants to limit the number of misrouted requests and greatly appreciates your help in making that happen

For any questions or assistance with projects, please contact the PMO by email at or by phone by calling 209-932-7667.