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Project Management Terminology

  • Idea or Concept:  A new service or enhancement still in the initial discussion and exploration stages. Idea/Concepts generate visibility and begin the analysis required to understand if the request is potentially a project or program.
  • Project:  An effort that has a definitive start and end with defined milestones, deliverables and specific outcomes.
  • Program: Multiple projects or programs initially started as ideas or projects.  A program is a group of related projects that are managed and coordinated to obtain benefits and control not available by managing them individually.  Programs often include elements of related work.
  • Project Activation:  Project activation sets in motion the activities associated with formally moving a project effort forward.   The charter, plans, risks, roles and responsibilities and project guidelines are established.  A formal Project Manager is assigned when the project is activated.

For any questions or assistance with projects, please contact the PMO by email at or by phone by calling 209-932-7667.