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Roles and Responsibilities

About Officer Representation & Commitment to Serve


Subject to further review and changes at anytime.

Executive Board Officer(s) Responsibilities:  

Chair:  The Chair must ensure that the Committee functions properly, that there is encouraged full participation during meetings and open forums.  Ensures that all relevant matters are discussed, communicated to constituency and that effective decisions are made and carried out.
TERM OF SERVICE: (1) year commitment commencing in June (Peak Service Months Aug-May).
Monthly Time Commitment: Varies, on average anticipate 1-3 workdays worth workload per month depending on distribution of workload with Co-Chair

  • Administrative - 1-5 Hours
  • Meetings -  8-10 Hours
  • Other Duties/Activity - 8-10 Hours


  • Preside at all meetings of the S.A.C. in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. The Chair shall be voting member of the Council.
  • Will be the spokesperson for the Council in any official matters.
  • Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees
  • Represents S.A.C. in meetings with Human Resources; the Office of Communications; S.A.C. Liaison; the University President; as well as any spontaneous communications or collaborations that may arise with various entities including Academic Council and Associated Students of University of the Pacific.
  • Resides and/or appoints a member from the S.A.C. Executive Council to serve on the President's Advisory Council, Institutional Priorities Committee, and Institutional Strategy & Policy Committee.
  • Oversees planning the agenda for all regularly scheduled S.A.C. meetings in consultation with the Executive Board.
  • Schedules meetings of the Executive Board.
  • Oversees an annual review of the by-laws and appoints a review committee if necessary.
  • Schedules meetings with the University President twice yearly or as needed and includes the full Executive Board in at least one.
  • Maintains record of various communications and memos in a shared resource for future reference.
  • Conducts any necessary elections for vacancies occurring at least two months before the regularly scheduled call for nominations that take place in March.
  • The Chair shall also be responsible for conducting the election process for the Chair-Elect and for the new Executive Board

Chair-Elect:  The Chair-elect must provide necessary guidance and outreach as liaison to Chair and elect officers to ensure that the Council continues to function properly.
TERM OF SERVICE: (1) Year before then moving into S.A.C. Chair role for and additional 1 Year.

  • Assists the Chair in planning the agenda for S.A.C. meetings.
  • Performs the duties of the Chair in their absence. 
  • Conducts the spring representative election process including:
    • The review/adjustment of representation areas in February;
    • The call for and confirmation of nominations in March;
    • Designing and distributing either a hard copy or electronic ballot in April;
    • Confirming and congratulating elected representatives by late April; and
    • Announcing to University community the first week of May.
  • Remains in regular communication with the Scholarship Committee.

Past-Chair:  The Past-Chair provide necessary historical guidance and contoinues to be a liaison to Chair and elect officers to ensure that the Council continues to function properly.
TERM OF SERVICE: (1) Year after succesfull completion of  S.A.C. Chair role.

  • In the absence of the Chair and Chair-Elect, the Past-Chair shall preside at meetings of the Council and the Executive Board.
  • The Past-Chair shall review all actions taken during her or his term of office as Chair and shall prepare a written report for Council members and the Staff, indicating major decisions of the past year and issues which need to be continued for consideration. The report should be distributed to the President before the first Council meeting of the fall semester.

Secretary:  The Secretary is responsible for the documentation of the activities of the Council.
TERM OF SERVICE: (1-2) Year(s).

  • Takes minutes at all S.A.C. meetings.
  • Distributes the minutes to all S.A.C. members at the following meeting for approval.
  • Distributes the agenda one week prior to all general body meetings, per the Executive
  • Maintains official electronic and hardcopy (as appropriate) records including minutes, or
    any resolutions passed on behalf of the Council.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer has financial management oversight, working closely with other members of the Committee to safeguard the finances.
TERM OF SERVICE: (1-2) Year(s).

  • Oversees the expenditures of S.A.C. with the approval of the Chair and Chair-Elect.
  • Maintains the budget including reporting out monthly the expenditures on behalf of the Council.
  • Handles the correspondence with catering for S.A.C. events.
  • Expenditures of $800 or above are required to be voted on by the council and approved with a majority vote, by a quorum present, prior to distribution of funds

Communication Officer(s):  The Communication Officer(s) are responsible for the communication and marketing of the activities of the Council.  There can be up to two individuals selected for this role.
TERM OF SERVICE: (1-2) Year(s).

  • Maintains S.A.C. website including ensuring that minutes, agendas, and any other relevant information is posted on S.A.C.'s webpage.
  • Coordinates communications (i.e., email messaging, web posts) on behalf of the Council.
  • Works closely with the Executive Board to regularly review and improve communication within S.A.C. and from S.A.C. to its constituents.
  • As needed, works with Secretary to communicate with S.A.C. representatives via e-mail as needed, (e.g. distribute Hot Topics after S.A.C. general body meeting.
  • Regularly update the S.A.C. webpage and regularly provide social media messaging through S.A.C. platforms.
  • Serve as a Liaison to the Pacific Insider Lead Staff (Office of Communications)

Council Representative(s) Responsibilities:   

Representative:  The Council Representative Officers are responsible for representing a designated number of constituents and attend general open forum meetings once a month.  No experience required in order to be considered for this position, just a willingness to participate.

  • Attend monthly open forum meeting (2nd Friday of the Month, 1.5 hour commitment)
  • Attend ad-hoc Council meeting limited to Executive Board and Council Representatives only
  • Attend annual retreat in May/June
  • Serve as a voting member for budget, minutes and in accordance with established by-laws
  • Provide updates to designated constituents monthly or ad-hoc
  • Communicate with Chair and trends, concerns or feedback provided from constituency
  • Where appropriate guide the council in proposing new activities and service that will further the mission and goals of the constituency
  • Participant, to bring impartiality and objectivity to meetings & decision making by serving as a voice of staff
  • Ensure matters are communicated in an orderly, efficient manner
  • Maintain ad-hoc outreach to constituents to cultivate networking and information sharing
  • Support Council events directly through volunteerism or in recruiting and promoting staff engagement

Sub-Committee(s) Responsibilities:   

Staff Scholarship Committee:  
The Staff Scholarship Committee serves to carry out important tasks, on behalf of the Council to promote and award staff scholarships to eligible employees at all campuses.  ·      Chair of S.A.C. Scholarship Committee

  • Report directly to the S.A.C. Chair
  • Provide and receive budget updates from the Treasurer
  • Oversee necessary progress and successful execution of the Scholarship Committee tasks
  • Communicates regularly with the Council
  • Voting member to award or recommend application approval or decline.       

Co-Chair of S.A.C. Scholarship Committee

  • Assists the Chair with the necessary execution of tasks
  • Provides pertinent updates to Executive Board to ensure accurate record keeping and metrics are maintained
  • Voting member to award or recommend application approval or decline ·        

Staff Representatives of S.A.C. Scholarship Committee (1-3)

  • Assist Chair and Co-Chair as assigned
  • Voting member to award or recommend application approval or decline

Additional Opportunities (Ad-Hoc): Don't miss out on opportunities to expand your professional resume and support S.A.C. by way of word of mouth or as you are able to contribute.  Additional areas of opportunity for staff as development and networking opportunities ad-hoc are as follows:

Staff Advisory Champions:  Not interested in service but still have a passion for important staff topics, issues, or have ideas to share.  Attend meetings (virtually or in-person) as contributing members of our Council representation.   To further our vision, cultivate future participation and ensure continued success of the S.A.C. we need to hear from you.  

University Committees:  University committees are an untapped development and networking opportunity outside the scope of your primary role at Pacific.  Do you have interest in a particular area of interest or just looking to expand your exposure to what is happening across the University.  Learn more about how to get involved outside S.A.C.

Staff Advisory Council (S.A.C.) Designee: Open to all staff as a designee to advocate as representative on committee on behalf of all staff. Routine progress reports back to Executive Board and/or Council encouraged.

Staff Advisory Council (S.A.C.) Representative/Officer Designee: Elected officer only appointed opportunities.  Routine progress reports back to Executive Board and/or Council encouraged.