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Provost to Increase Minimum NTT Faculty Compensation

Office of the ProvostApr 3, 2017
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Following the announcement of 2017-18 funding increases for NTT faculty compensation, as recommended by the Institutional Priorities Committee, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Maria Pallavicini will be increasing the minimum Non-Tenure Track (NTT) faculty compensation for fall 2017 appointments. The new minimum compensation rate for NTT faculty who have acquired a doctorate (or terminal degree in the field they teach in) will increase to $1,400 per unit (from approximately $1,000 per unit in some schools), and increase slightly less for faculty without a doctorate or terminal degree. Additionally, compensation rates for NTT faculty with specialized instruction pedagogies within disciplines (e.g., individual instruction within the Conservatory, etc.), also will increase slightly if they are below this threshold. These changes are subject to Board of Regents approval of the 2017-18 budget at its May meeting.

This change is the first phase in a multi-year effort to improve compensation and to develop an NTT compensation system that rewards excellence in teaching and dedication to Pacific. Over the next year, the Office of the Provost will address the need to create a non-tenure track faculty salary scale, with further increases in compensation in the coming years as funding becomes available.  

Until now, NTT compensation rates have been decentralized and determined primarily by each school or college. In alignment with the work of the Faculty Compensation and NTT task forces, Provost Pallavicini wants to ensure that Pacific is doing everything it can to better include NTT faculty in its processes and improve compensation to help Pacific recruit and retain these important members of the university's faculty.  

Provost Pallavicini stated, "Our students receive the benefits of being taught by equally dedicated Tenured/Tenure-track and Non-Tenure Track faculty who bring their expertise and experience into our classrooms. It is important, therefore, that all of our faculty are recognized and fairly compensated, within the constraints of the university's financial resources, for the important work they do at Pacific."

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