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Staff compensation study progress report

Mar 27, 2017

Recruiting and retaining talented employees who have successful careers at Pacific is essential to meeting our mission. Last fall, the university launched a staff compensation study to determine how Pacific's wage rates compare to external markets. The staff compensation study mirrors the work of the faculty compensation task force. Both of these efforts will provide the data necessary to address compensation improvements over the next five years and ensure we are competitive in the market.  

The second phase of the compensation study is now underway. A peer group of universities with similar budgets, enrollment, research funding and tuition rates has been selected for benchmarking our nationally recruited positions. In addition, we will also conduct market pricing and a benefits review at the national and regional levels and make recommendations based on our findings.

The third phase will involve the development of a new salary structure for staff and assignment of all non-union staff positions to that structure based on the market comparisons and on an internal process called job leveling and the matching of non-benchmarked jobs to benchmarked jobs. The final steps will include the development of administrative guidelines and implementation of the new compensation system.

HR's Staff Compensation Study website outlines the goals and outcomes of the process along with a frequently asked questions page. We also have a new email address and encourage your questions, comments and suggestions:   

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