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Pacific in the Press | March 28, 2017

Mar 28, 2017

quote of the week: The population of the earth continues to grow while the amount of water stays the same. --Stephen McCaffrey, Al Jazeera, March 22, 2017
Here are examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:


Water Prize Winner: 'Shared Water Resources spurs more often cooperation than conflict'
March 22, 2017
Stephen McCaffrey
, a law professor and director of McGeorge's Water Resources Law, International Track program, upon being named the 2017 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate was interviewed for a story in this Swedish online magazine that focuses on global affairs and international politics. McCaffrey was given the award for his "unparalleled contribution to the evolution and progressive realization of international water law," according to a statement released by the Stockholm International Water Institute, or SIWI, which also called him a "trailblazer in international water law." He was also interviewed by Al Jazeera English and stories about the award were published around the world.
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Watch the Al Jazeera story:

The Christian Science Monitor
California boosts efforts to stamp out hunger on campus
March 21, 2017
Ronn Hallett, a professor of education, was interviewed for this story on the food insecurity suffered by college students across the country and how colleges throughout California are working to expand enrollment for CalFresh, the state's version of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Educators hope to move past outdated stereotypes and contribute to a solution to the problem by integrating CalFresh outreach into existing programs. "There's this myth that being in college (means) eating ramen noodles. ... It's seen as a rite of passage," Hallett told The Christian Science Monitor. "I think that covers up the real traumas and experiences of students who aren't eating for days at a time or living out of their cars."
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Norte Digital
'Trump already raised a wall'
March 20, 2017
Martin Camps, director of Latin American Studies, was interviewed by this Spanish-language news outlet on Trump administration's plan to build a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico. Camps spoke of the misconceptions around the world about the border and the setback experienced by the United States. Camps told Norte: "Many have not seen that Trump already built a wall with his rhetoric. ... The speeches on the wall, on the border, are much more dangerous than reality, because unfortunately many Americans already see the Mexicans and the rest of the Latin Americans as a real danger."
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The Sacramento Bee
California unemployment rate dips
March 24, 2017
Jeff Michael, director of Pacific's Center for Business and Policy Research, was mentioned in a story about the state unemployment rate dipping to 5 percent from 5.1 percent in January. Michael said the latest data showed that state economy was stabilizing and that he did not expect the unemployment rate to go down much more.
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A slightly different version of the story focusing on Stanislaus County appeared on The Modesto Bee's website:
A slightly different version of the story focusing on Merced County appeared in the Merced Sun-Star:

The Mercury News
San Jose and Oakland area job markets tumble
March 24, 2017
Jeff Michael, Center for Business and Policy Research director, commented on the latest jobs report that showed that the San Francisco Bay Area suffered the worst two-month stretch of job losses since the Great Recession. The Bay Area lost 4,400 jobs in February and 8,600 jobs in the first two months of the year. "It's been a long time since I called a Bay Area jobs report 'ugly', but this one is ugly," Michael told The Mercury News in a story that also appeared in the East Bay Times.
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Michael's quote was "Quote of the Day" for a column by the senior web editor for the business section of The Mercury News and Bay Area News Group. The column also appeared on the East Bay Times website, Santa Cruz Sentinel and
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The Union Democrat
Cannabis forum billed as nonpartisan
March 24, 2017
Thomas Pogue, associate director of the Center for Business and Policy Research, was referenced in a story leading up to a March 28 forum on a proposed ban on commercial marijuana cultivation in Calaveras County. Pogue is the co-author of a CBPR study, "An Economic Impact Assessment of the Cannabis Cultivation Industry in Calaveras County," and will be on hand for the forum.
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ADA News     
ADEAGies Foundation honors 2017 Gies Awards recipients
March 22, 2017
The Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry's Pacific Center for Special Care was honored by the American Dental Education Association's ADEAGies Foundation for innovation by an academic dental institution. "The award honors individuals and organizations exemplifying dedication to the highest standards of vision, innovation and achievement in dental education, research and leadership," according to the ADA News story.
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CDA News
Dental students participate in Grassroots Advocacy Days
March 23, 2017
Students from the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry visited the state Capitol during the California Dental Association Grassroots Advocacy Days to learn more about being grassroots advocates. The students meet with lawmakers and learn about current policy issues.
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Capitol Weekly
Inside the Capitol - procedurally
March 24, 2017
Chris Micheli, professor of law, continued his "Capitol myth vs. reality" series in this fourth installment about the inner workings of the state Capitol and the Legislature relating to structure, rules and procedures.
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