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Years of Service

At the Staff Years of Service Luncheon on May 22, 2019, Pacific recognized the following Stockton staff members for their years of service ranging from five to 45 years. (The following lists include staff whose five-year incremental anniversary falls between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018)

Thank you for the work you do, the person you are and the difference you make! 

40 Years          

Joy Hart, Department of Psychology

David Lambertson, Capital Planning & Space Mgmt

Susan McCann, Department of Chemistry

Patricia Ragocas, Registrar

35 Years

Mary Nevis, Information Security

Bonnie O'Hearn, Pharmacy-Administration

Robert Ramirez, Physical Plant

30 Years 

Wendy Cornwall, Athletics-Administration

Alicia Mordhorst, Prospect Research

Jimmy Shipes, Physical Plant

Julie Wendland, PAF Giving

Craig Zenor, Physical Plant

          25 Years          

          20 Years          

 Kimberly Beck, Financial Aid

Todd Fabian, Department of Psychology

Peggy Hawbaker, Admission

Myrna Vick, Eberhardt School of Business

Catherine Wooton, Adv-Budget & Strategic Talent Mgmt

Thomas Congrave, Physical Plant

Yanko Estay, Physical Plant

Lisa May, Pacific Card Office

Michael Nevarez, Physical Plant

Bradford Reynolds, Physical Plant

Raoul Villalpando, OIT - Enterprise Systems

Deborah Walker, Department of Biological Sciences

          15 Years          

  Maria Anguiano, Physical Plant

Angelita Balingit, Controller

Martha Banuelos, Physical Plant

Debra Bell, Ctr for Professionl & Continuing Ed

Braulio Camarena, Public Safety

Joanne Carvana, Human Resources

Patrice Coss, Human Resources

Christine Haruta, Career Resource Center

Elizabeth Ledesma, Controller

Timothy Lenderman, Public Safety

Jennifer Maroney, Ctr for Professionl & Continuing Ed

Cherilyn Moe, Library - Administration

Michelle Preston, Student Business Services

Elizabeth Rangel, Physical Plant

Jose Rodriguez, Physical Plant

Kong Thao, Physical Plant

Kimberly Turner, Physical Plant

Jan Wammack, University Chaplain

Arianna Yepez, Jacoby Center

Zelia Cebreros, Law Development Major Gifts

          10 Years         

Maricruz Almonte Cha, Physical Plant

Dale Brody, Wellness Services Sacramento Campus

Michael Caton, Public Safety

Jenkins Albert Conde, Physical Plant

Kimberlee DeRushia, Counseling Services

Sharon Donahue, Social Science Office

Jesse Estrada, Physical Plant

Jaqueline Galvan, Public Safety

Michael Gritsch, Physical Plant

Alisha Groene, Controller

Jennifer Hong-Phin, Physical Plant

Jeremy Johnson, Physical Plant

Kimberly Jorgensen, Financial Aid

Thanh Le, OIT - Enterprise Systems

Leonard Libres, Registrar

William Loeng, Physical Plant

Jeanne Lopez, Physical Plant

Gary Matuska, Physical Plant

Donna May, University Box Office

Beth Moreno, Humanities Hub

Plinio Noguera, Physical Plant

Fidelma O'Neill, Enterprise Risk Management

Carmenita Padilla, Athletics-Sports Administration

Michael Park, Public Safety

Norma Ramirez Aza, Physical Plant

Shelby Slaugenhaupt, Controller

Adam Tomsha, Physical Plant

Kristan Turnbeaugh, OIT - Systems Engineering

Tuyer Vang, Physical Plant

          5 Years          

Elisa Anders, Academic Planning & Services Admin

Brandon Caruthers, OIT - Customer Support Center

Rolando Caslib, Physical Plant

Dan Chapman, Athletics-Sponsorships

Jenifer Coughlin, Department of Psychology

Gwendolyn Dailey, Admission

Alohna Dever, Annual Pacific Fund

Ashley Dunnigan, Controller

Natalya Farias, Financial Aid

Christine Fluter-Brown, Research/Interdisciplin/Spons Prog

Menandro Gementiza, Physical Plant

Jennifer Goodwin, Conservatory of Music

Kaitlyn Goslinga, Financial Aid

Steven Hahn, OIT - Telecommunications

Sophia Hansen, Department of Psychology

Linda Hughes, Benerd School of Education

Ryan Jorden, Athletics-Sports Administration

Carol Kozina, Department of Biological Sciences

Somalin Loeng, Physical Plant 

Esteban Medina, Physical Plant

Rosa Montes, Success

Jeremy Neisser, Athletics-Sponsorships

Shani Richards, Business & Finance - Administration

James Richardson, Public Safety

Joseph Rossi, Athletics-Fitness Center

Rosie Simpson, Success

David Souligne, OIT - Systems Engineering

Mary Stowes-Knodt, Success

Jose Luis Trujillo, Physical Plant

Janet Willis, Registrar

Alyssa Wray, Athletics-Administration

Leah Adams, Law Career Development

Jermaine Cruz, Law Admissions

Dianna Martinez, Law General Instruction