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A digest of recent faculty and staff accomplishments and scholarly and artistic activity

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Noteworthy Newsletter | February 2017

Feb 17, 2017

Awards, recognition and service

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Natasha Lee '00, Assistant Professor of Dental Practice, was recently installed as the president-elect of the California Dental Association.

McGeorge School of Law

Raquel Aldana, Professor of Law, Blake Nordahl, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills, and Aaron Brieno '14, legislative aid to Senator Ben Hueso, were panelists for a Capital Executive Training program on the Regulation of Immigration in California, held Feb. 3 on the Sacramento Campus. Over 125 community leaders, students, lawyers and policymakers were in attendance.  

Michael P. Malloy, Distinguished Professor of Law, has been elected to fill a vacancy on the executive committee of the section on socio-economics of the Association of American Law Schools through January 2019. Malloy also has been elected to the executive committee of the AALS section on financial institutions and consumer financial services for a three-year term ending January 2020.

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Melanie A. Felmlee, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Chemistry, was awarded the 2017 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy New Investigator Award for her proposal "Maturation and spatial expression of intestinal MCT1 in obesity." The $10,000 award will support her investigation of how monocarboxylate transporter 1 (MCT1) behaves in different regions of the developing intestine. The goal of this study is to contribute to the understanding of MCT1 so health care providers can optimize therapeutic strategies in obese pediatric patients by accounting for variations in drug absorption.  

Dean Phillip OppenheimerCalifornia Pharmacists Association Hall of Fame inducts Dean Phillip Oppenheimer
Phillip Oppenheimer, Dean, has been selected to be inducted into the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) Hall of Fame. The honor recognizes individuals for their inspiration, distinguished service and innovative contributions to the practice of pharmacy in California. He is one of only three deans to have received this recognition. Oppenheimer and Michael A. Pastrick '73, who was inducted to the CPhA Hall of Fame in 2014, will be formally recognized at the CPhA West Coast Pharmacy Exchange Hall of Fame Dinner on Feb. 24. CPhA will also be honoring Edlen Wong '07 with the Distinguished New Practitioner of the Year Award and K. Scott Guess '83 with the Cardinal Health Generations Rx Champions Award. Read More>>  

Mark Walberg '06, '09, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Regional Coordinator for the San Fernando/Los Angeles Region, was awarded the Rupley-Church Grant for International Understanding from Pacific's Committee for Academic Planning and Development. This grant will support his pursuit of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene's Certificate of Knowledge in Tropical Medicine (CTropMed).    

Publications, presentations, and artistic activities

College of the Pacific

Redefine China's Publicity to the Outside World Qingwen Dong, Professor and Chair of Communication, co-authored with Chinese colleagues the textbook Redefine China's Publicity to the Outside World from Perspectives of International & Intercultural Communication, published in Chinese by China's National Defense Industry Press. The president of communication of the University of China, Hu Zhengrong, wrote an introduction for the book.  

Helene Flohic, Assistant Professor of Physics, co-authored the research paper, "The Limited Impact of Outflows: Integral-Field Spectroscopy of 20 Local AGNs," which was accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal 

Liang Xue, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, was a co-author with Mingheng Ling '18 and Siwen Wang '18 on the research article, "A Reliable Method to Measure the Melting Temperatures of DNA Oligonucleotide Triplexes," which was published in the Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research.  

Xiaojing Zhou, Professor of English, presented the paper, "'Slow Violence': Environmental Diseases and Women Migrant Workers by Zheng Xiaoqiong," on the panel Environmental Illness: Literary Interventions at the 132nd MLA Convention, Jan. 5-8, in Philadelphia.  

College of the Pacific and China's Capital Normal University co-sponsored an International Conference on New Media's Social Influence and Challenges held Dec. 12-13 in Beijing, China. The conference drew more than 40 international new media research scholars, becoming one of the highest level of new media research conferences held in China over the past years. Four faculty members presented research at the conference:  

  • Teresa Bergman, Associate Professor of Communication, presented a research paper on "Patriotism Carved in Stone: Mt. Rushmore's Evolution as National Symbol."  
  • Marlin Bates, Associate Professor of Communication, presented a research paper on "Video Games as Persuasive Communication."  
  • Cathie McClellan, Associate Professor of Theater Arts, presented a research paper on "Devised Theater and Community Engagement in a Digital World."  
  • Qingwen Dong, Professor and Chair of Communication, presented a research paper on "Trump Effect: An analysis of 2016 U.S. Presidential Election."

Conservatory of Music

Robert Coburn, Professor of Music Composition and Theory, will be a guest composer from Feb. 16-28 at the Electronic Music Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, where he will compose works using their 1970s vintage Buchla analog synthesizer. It is a rare instrument and EMS has one of the largest collections of original Buchla analog modules still in use. Coburn will work on developing the analog synthesis portion of his new composition for Japanese sho, which will be premiered along with several of his compositions at a concert at the Ryogoku Monten Hall in Tokyo, Japan, on April 22, featuring Satoko Inoue on piano and Ko Ishikawa on sho. The project was partially funded through a TEC grant.

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Gwen Essex, Instructor of Periodontics and Dental Hygiene, was the lead author on the article, "Dental Hygienists' Attitudes Toward the Obese Population," and coauthored the articles, "Perceptions and Attitudes of Dental Hygiene Educators About the Establishment of Doctoral Education Programs in Dental Hygiene" and Detection of Early-Stage Oral Cancer Lesions: A Survey of California Dental Hygienists, in the Journal of Dental Hygiene (90:6). She also co-authored the article, "Senior Dental Students' Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Dental Hygienists' Contributions to Comprehensive Patient Care," in the Journal of Dental Hygiene (90:5).  

Bernadette Alvear Fa, Assistant Professor of Integrated Reconstructive Dental Sciences and Eve Cuny, Director for Environmental Health and Safety and Associate Professor in the Department of Dental Practice, had their article, "Preliminary Evidence Supports Modification of Retraction Technique to Prevent Needlestick Injuries," published in the journal Anesthesia Progress (63:4).  

Journal of California Dental AssocCindy Lyon, James R. and Caroline L. Pride Endowed Chair in Dental Practice Management, and Debra Finney '86, were guest editors of the January issue of the Journal of the California Dental Association, which spotlights the challenges and accomplishments of women in dentistry. They co-wrote the introductory feature, "Women: The Changing Face of Dentistry." Lyon and Jessie Vallee, Assistant Professor of Integrated and Reconstructive Sciences and Director of Preclinical Education, co-wrote the article, "Changes in the Academe: Women in Dental Education." Natasha Lee '00, Assistant Professor of Dental Practice, wrote the article, "Women in the Boardroom: Reflecting the Changing Gender Demographics of Dentists."  

David Ojcius, Chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Assistant Dean for Research, co-authored the research article, "Danger signals, inflammasomes, and the intricate intracellular lives of chlamydiae," published in the Biomedical Journal (39:5). Ojcius is the editor of the journal Microbes and Infection, published by the Pasteur Institute. Ojcius also co-authored the research article, "Is the inflammasome relevant for epithelial cell function?" which was published in Microbes and Infection (18:2).  

Marie Tolarova, Professor of Orthodontics, wrote the guest editorial, "Global health issues related to cleft lip and palate: Prevention and treatment need to team together," for the Indian Journal of Dental Research (27:5).  

Benjamin Zeitlin, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Takahiro Chino, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences, and Ryan Yu, Research Associate, co-presented a study on the expression and function of Toll-like receptors on dental pulp stem cells from exfoliated deciduous teeth at the American Society for Cell Biology annual meeting in San Francisco, Dec 3-7.

McGeorge School of Law

Raquel Aldana, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship, had her short article, "El fin de 'Pies Mojados, Pies Secos' y sus Implicaciones," published in Spanish in the ¿Qué Pasa, Latino? magazine, February 2017, No. 27.  

Melissa Brown, Professor of Lawyering Skills and Director of Legal Clinics, will be a presenter at the AALS Clinical Conference in Denver, Colorado, on May 7 on the topic "Teaching Empathy to Millennials for These Tumultuous Times."  

Franklin Gevurtz, Distinguished Professor of Law, spoke on "Combating International Human Rights Abuses Using U.S. Courts and International Mechanisms" at the UC Davis Journal of International Law & Policy symposium on Feb. 3. 

Michael P. Malloy, Distinguished Professor of Law, had his hornbook, Principles of Bank Regulation (Concise Hornbook Series, West: 3d ed., 2011), cited in K. Johnson, S.A. Ramirez, and C.M. Shelby, "Diversifying to Mitigate Risk: Can Dodd-Frank Section 342 Help Stabilize the Financial Sector?" in the Washington and Lee Law Review (Vol. 73:4).  

Brian Slocum, Professor of Law, presented his co-authored paper. "Ordinary Meaning and Corpus Linguistics." at the 2017 BYU Law Review Symposium, "Law & Corpus Linguistics," held at Brigham Young University Law School in Provo, Utah, on Feb. 3. The conference brought together legal scholars, prominent corpus linguistics scholars, and judges who have employed corpus linguistics analysis in their decisions to discuss this emerging field of study. The paper will be published in the BYU Law Review.  

Understanding Property LawJohn Sprankling, Professor of Law, had his article, "Property and the Roberts Court," published as the lead article in the Kansas Law Review, Vol. 65. Sprankling spoke on "Using Classroom Simulations to Teach Negotiation and Advocacy Skills" on Jan. 5 in San Francisco, as part of a program sponsored by West Academic on "Reinforcing Student Understanding of Substantive Property Law through Skills Exercises." Sprankling's treatise, Understanding Property Law, has been published in its 4th edition by Carolina Academic Press. The treatise is used by law students across the nation.

Jarrod Wong, Professor of Law, was a commentator for a Work in Progress Workshop sponsored by the Academic Council of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA); and is an executive member of ITA and co-chair for the upcoming ITA Dallas Workshop.

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Robert Halliwell, Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology, was the fall speaker at Humphreys College in Stockton, where he gave a presentation on "How to Maintain a Healthy Brain Without Really Trying."  

Adam Marc Kaye '95, Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice, co-authored the research article, "Non-medical use of prescription opioids is associated with heroin initiation among U.S. veterans," published in the journal Addiction.  

Mickel Paris, Health Sciences Librarian, Jiong Hu, Assistant Professor of Audiology, Veronica Koo '18, Susanna Marshall '18 and Gabriella Musacchia, Assistant Professor of Audiology, had their article, "Using the Assessment Process to Improve Evidence-Based Information Gathering Skills for Future Audiologists," published in the journal Canadian Audiologist (3:6).  

Roshanak Rahimian, Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology and her group had their paper, "Type of supplemented simple sugar, not merely calorie intake, determines adverse effects on metabolism and aortic function in female rats," published in the American Journal of Physiology. Co-authors include Sonali Shaligram '17 and Farjana Akther '18.  

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Said Shakerin, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, published the invited paper, "Soap Bubble Clusters in Thin Enclosures," in M. Emmer, et al, eds., Imagine Math 5: Between Culture and Mathematics, published by Unione Matematica Italiana, Bologna & IVSLA, Venice.

Student Life

Dave Crafts, Director of Student Leadership and Involvement, presented a workshop on LGBTQ Identity and Inclusion as a guest lecturer in the class "Social Work 455: Social Work with Diverse Populations" at Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan.                            

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