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Spring 2017 Staff and Faculty Fitness Challenge

Get back on track to achieving your 2017 fitness goals with a little help from your friends in Pacific Recreation and the Baun Fitness Center
Feb 21, 2017

It's more fun to get fit together! Pacific Recreation is excited to announce its spring 2017 Staff and Faculty Fitness Challenge. Step up your workout routine and join the eight weeks of fun. It's a great time to come together, empower ourselves and our peers to build healthy habits. The challenge consists of group workouts with a certified Tiger Trainer, individual fitness assessments and educational nutritional sessions. Participants will gain points for attendance of group workouts, health and diet sessions and completion of tasks on their own during the course of the week. Prizes will be given out to the top individuals and team. 

Spring 2017 Challenge Schedule
Week 1: Initial Assessments
Week 2: Group Workouts with Amber Kavehkar
Week 3 - Week 7: One-Hour (4-Person) Team Training
Week 8: Final Assessments and All Team Workout   

Options for the small group training sessions with Tiger X Trainer availability is listed in the registration form before payment submission. Along with the weekly schedule will be extras, such as your choice of an individual health coach session with Amber or the one-hour healthy eating habits and hacks workshop with dietician, Andrea Chapin, mini challenges, and more.    

The fitness challenge runs from March 6 through April 29 and the deadline to register is Wednesday, March 1. The cost for Baun Fitness Center members is $25 and is $55 for non-members, which are great deals since the estimated value of this program is over $250. Be sure to sign up online or at the BFC front desk.

For any questions, contact Amber Kavehkar at  

Spring 2017 Staff and Faculty Fitness Challenge

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