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Tutorial Services

The TRIO SUCCESS program offers free tutoring for TRIO students to help them with their coursework here at University of the Pacific.  Our tutors are trained to help students understand the coursework, increase their confidence in academic subjects, and help them learn independently

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Tutor Handbook Tutor Contact Form Tutee Contact Form
Guidelines for Tutors     Tutors - Complete the contact form after each tutoring session. Tutees - Complete the contact form after each tutoring session.
Tutor Request System

Peer Mentoring

The purpose of the Peer Mentoring/Tutoring is to increase the academic, career, and social success of first-year SUCCESS students. This is achieved by creating a greater sense of community and involvement at Pacific. The program matches upper-division undergraduates with first-year SUCCESS students. Mentors/Tutors build relationships with mentees by sharing their time and knowledge of resources at Pacific. Mentors inspire student engagement and community building through their peer relationships.  To see the full Peer Mentoring job description click here.

Office Hours - Peer Mentor Handbook - Mentor Contact Report Mentee Contact Report  Meet the Peer Mentors