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Student Art Showcase

One of the essential tenets of our program is the celebration of individual achievement. We are proud to have scholars with diverse backgrounds, passions, and talents. Below, we invite you to explore some of the amazing work that our scholars have completed, either over the course of their studies or on their own time. Their work ranges from music composition and performance to photography, and from drawing and painting to writing poetry and stories. The work displayed here is a testament to the incredible results of allowing the humanities to transcend the classroom space, interacting in intricate and incredible ways with individual minds and the communities that create them.

Kat Elliott

Kat Elliott: Singin' in the Rain 

Clarissa Franke

Clarissa Franke Clarissa Franke Clarissa Franke

Kathryn Harlan-Gran

Kathryn Harlan-Gran: Abandoned Kathryn Harlan-Gran: Flight Kathryn Harlan-Gran: Perspective Kathryn Harlan-Gran: Season of Giving Kathryn Harlan-Gran: Awaken

LJ Lombardo

LJ Lombardo: A Self Portrait LJ Lombardo: Jellyfish LJ Lombardo: Mountainside Dream

Chain Shields

Chain Shields