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Keisuke "Jimmy" Juge

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Celebration of Life for Physics professor Keisuke "Jimmy" Juge

Nov 14, 2016

A memorial event and celebration of life for the late Associate Professor Keisuke Jimmy Juge will be held at 2 p.m., Nov. 20, in Morris Chapel. All are invited to attend to remember and honor our deeply missed colleague and friend.

Professor Juge passed away on June 30 at the age of 45, after succumbing to a long battle with cancer. He was diagnosed three years ago while on sabbatical leave at KEK, Japan's large collider center. Juge earned his bachelor's degree in physics at the University of Toronto, followed by his PhD in theoretical particle physics at UC San Diego. From there he had a celebrated postdoctoral career, with posts at Fermilab in Chicago; The University of Bern, Switzerland; Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland; and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He joined the faculty of the Department of Physics in College of the Pacific in 2007.

A very successful scientist, he co-authored 66 written articles of which two have been cited more than 200 times in academic literature. His expertise was in computational particle physics and his recent research focused on a new and powerful way to calculate certain correlation functions that arise in lattice field theory, called "propagators." This new technique is being widely used and has made previously impossible numerical calculations feasible.

Professor Juge was loved by his students, who delighted in his close mentorship. An accomplished martial artist and multi-level black belt, he particularly liked paradoxes and juxtapositions, like Schroedinger's cat and Zen Koans. On his door was a drawing that shows the word "Teaching" reflecting in a puddle. The word the reflection makes in the water is "Learning."

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