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Information about the Health Savings Account available with Pacific high-deductible health plans

Oct 24, 2016

Pacific offers two high-deductible medical plans with low or no-cost premium options. The Pacific PPO with High-Deductible and the Kaiser HMO with High-Deductible provide the option of a Health Savings Account (HSA). With these plans, you pay a deductible first before the plan pays medical and prescription benefits. Preventive care is covered at 100% with no deductible and can be accessed before the deductible is satisfied.

Here are some guiding principles regarding HSAs:

  • You must be enrolled in Pacific PPO with High-Deductible or Kaiser HMO with High-Deductible to participate in an HSA.
  • New this year, Pacific will pre-fund three months of employer contributions into your account in early January.
  • HSA contributions, earnings and withdrawals for qualified health expenses are tax free
  • You can contribute to the account to help the funds grow, to lessen the risk
  • Pacific contributes $1,250 for employee only or $2,500 for employee + one or employee + family each year. 
  • Unused HSA balances roll over from year to year
  • The money is yours; the account is yours. Should you leave Pacific, you take this with you.

Here are two great resources to find more information on High-Deductible Health Plans and HSAs and if they are right for you:

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